On Campus
A leave of absence system due to military enlistment during the semester
Gachon Herald is holding an event during registration period
Acquisition of certificates and organization of extracurricular activities, is all this possible in WIND?
Participate in the start-up programs and earn mileage points
What is a great song that you want to recommend to others?
Cover Story
The leader I think of
Bitcoin: What you should know about it
We love you, The Gachon Herald!
The Dream of Dolphins
You do not need to feel small because you lack something.
Feeling prehistory far away from the city and materialism through Kim Jung-Hwan’s picture.
Our warm LAN cable father, Moon Jeong-ho voice actor
Guitarist Kim Ji-hee, who overcomes disorder barrier with cultural art and the story about developmental disorder
How to express the ‘real me’ in the Digital Era; An analog essay and drawings.
Morality can be inherent in fashion.
Gobal Campus
Change of life attitude through the Hawaii Elite Course
Korea and Korean culture with French eyes
Dreams of a Winter Night _ the first term in senior at PURDUE UNI. (PNW)
My growth
Hawaii premium course for my own story
English Clinic
Nice one, Cyril South Africa’s ruling party rejects the Zuma family
South Korean police suicides on the rise
Fail Better to Learn English
SNS and SNS marketing
Vincent van Gogh, The man who loved art.
A perfect family, they admit Imperfection is the wholeness.
A peculiar expression which no other country has.
Government and NIS, mock the citizen who are the masters of a democratic state
Perfume; the inside story and sensibility.