On Campus
Congrats on the Gachon Herald’s 34th anniversary
Chance isn`t far away, it`s always near to you
A three-minute boyfriend or girlfriend that I want!
Don’t worry about parking.
Find your own way by seeking a major that is suitable for you.
Cover Story
We love you, The Gachon Herald!
The Dream of Dolphins
You do not need to feel small because you lack something.
You Only Live Once, enjoy this moment.
How is your drinking habit?
Guitarist Kim Ji-hee, who overcomes disorder barrier with cultural art and the story about developmental disorder
How to express the ‘real me’ in the Digital Era; An analog essay and drawings.
Morality can be inherent in fashion.
I want to change sex culture accurately.
Jae-Tech for University Students. It’s Not Hard!
Gobal Campus
Korea and Korean culture with French eyes
Dreams of a Winter Night _ the first term in senior at PURDUE UNI. (PNW)
My growth
Hawaii premium course for my own story
Dreaming of coming to Korea
English Clinic
Don't judge a diamond by its sparkle.
A Beer Festival in China Has German Roots, but No Lederhosen
Korean workers' salary ranks low among OECD nations
Planting Seeds
No matter what they say, if I love myself, I can overcome the feeling of inferiority!!
Do not forgive juvenile delinquents just because they’re young
Rebirth of Korean traditions through western dessert
A summer in your heart; 500 Days of Summer
Are you a good person?