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My 3 weeks irreplaceable experienceNow is the time to leave
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 Most university students dream of studying abroad. I was like that, too. As I entered the university, I thought I would go on a trip every vacation, and also study abroad for about a semester. However, it wasn’t easy to put into practice mind. Due to COVID-19, I spent 2 years at home and am already in my third year at the university. While I was sad about these circumstances, I found out ‘The Hawaii Elite course’ recruit notice. For various reasons, I hesitated to leave. However, I thought this might be my last chance. So, I decided to pack my bags. The cost of preparing hard for my interview and application, I was able to leave. I left for Hawaii half in excitement and half in fear.

 My first goal was to "Experience a lot of different things." To achieve that goal, I tried various activities that are limited in Hawaii. I did snorkel, swimming on the beach of Waikiki near our dorm, and rode an electric bike on a rainy day. Riding a bicycle while watching the magnificent natural scenery. Even my clothes were splashed with mud, it gave me an unforgettable experience. When I went to Hawaii's botanical gardens and the sea, I wore unique clothes that I couldn’t wear in Korea. I didn’t care how others think. While doing snorkeling, I watched beautiful scenery that is made by nature. For three weeks, I let go of all my worries and just enjoy myself.
 My second goal was to build confidence in speaking English. In classes in IMPAC, there was a lot of opportunity to learn grammar and talk one-on-one with the teacher. I was able to learn various real-life expressions. Not only during class time but also the experiential learning time to visit Hawaii’s attractions was very meaningful. I was able to hear about the history and culture of Hawaii in person, and also get used to English speaking by talking with teachers every day. In addition, I learned various English expressions and improved my presentation skills in UH. It was awkward to speak in English in front of the class at first, but after presenting in English in front of the whole class, I gained confidence in speaking English. Meticulous feedback for the presentation will be useful in my life as well. At first, I was very nervous about presenting in front of people, but as I experienced it, I was able to discover a new aspect of myself enjoying the presentation.

 If you are hesitating now, I recommend you apply for overseas exchange programs without hesitation. One will have various reasons for this, like financial area or fear of a foreign setting. However, opportunity and time never return. I hope you don’t miss the chance, and have a lovely time in Hawaii. The precious people I met and the novel experience has enhanced my sight. Especially, Hawaii program is only for Gachon University students. So, I really have this experience that you can have in your lifetime.

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