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“Aal izz well”, (‘Everything is going to be all right’).What the movie Three Idiots says
Lee Han-na  |  heid33514@naver.com
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  Have you heard the expression, “Aal izz well”? That means “All is well,” or, ‘Everything is going to be all right’, in Indian. It is from the Indian movie, Three Idiots, where the main characters say this whenever they are in a critical situation. The movie is a story of three Indian students who are at a prestigious university having fun and experiencing a heartwarming lesson.
  The movie begins when the three main characters meet at the university, ICE, a school where geniuses go, and it shows true friends who grow up in a bad education system. Farhan wants to be a photographer but can’t because of his father. Raju wants to get employed in a large enterprise because of his sick father and family. Lastly, Rancho is a person who has a different mindset from other students. Rancho has an ideal for the education system that he follows: No need for memorization to know students’ talent. It may sound unrealistic, but he was at the top and always beat the second best student who always studied by memorizing. He is also a student who really cherishes and cares for friends. When his friends were facing hard times, he suffered with them and overcame the situations together.

  Three Idiots was made in 2009, but released in Korea a couple of years later because at the time Korea was not yet accustomed to Indian films. Although everyone expected it would fail at the box office because many people already saw it by downloading, the movie was actually a hit in Korea. Usually a comedy movie finds it hard to succeed if it was already available. But what led Three Idiots to be a success? I think the movie has three elements that draw the audience’s attention: it is touching, fun, and has an inspirational message all in a perfect balance. It made people think once more about the education system and, further, life.
  The movie has all the basic principles of a comedy film. It points out the flaws in the education systems and focuses on friendship as well. Knowledge is achieved with curiosity and passion, neither by pressure from other people nor by memorizing in order to get a get grade or a good job. And schools have to lead and raise students’ talent, not crush the young children’s’ dreams. Overcoming hardship together is also one of the movie’s main lessons. The love between family and friends truly moved the audience. 



  Today, success means to live without worries such as financial problems and employment issues. But I think growing up with friends and saying “Aal izz well” to each other is just another way to success. In our life, we face hard times that are too difficult to solve alone. At that moment we should ask ourselves this, “How many friends do I have like the ones in the movie? Which one of my friends would shed tears and share joy with me?” We do not think about societies’ wrongs towards us, but we are too busy to try to catch up with our friends. Ask yourselves again, is this right?



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Elmer broxx Namocat
Great.....i like its....its inspiration and i learned from this movies
I highly recommend to use this film as a tools of educating our generation.

(2015-02-09 03:42:28)
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