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Photo Essay

Camellias Bloom When It Is Cold

Camellias Bloom When It Is Cold
A person undergoing a trial is like a camellia b...
Global Campus

To a Wider World, Australian Short-Term Language Training

1. The first step to achieve a dreamWhen I was i...
English Clinic
A Frog Dies by a Stone Thrown Unintentionally
Seriousness of flaming
Over the past few months, there has been a series of tragic news about celebrities. So then, what drove them to these awful choices? What has made the public feel even more anxious is that their common causes of suicide were malicious comments on the internet and depression...
What Is the Devil in Your Mind?
The process of losing myself and finding myself, musical A Man Who Sold His Shadow
Is it possible to buy and sell one’s shadow? This absurd musical, which says that we can buy and sell one’s shadow, is based on the novel and written by Adelbert von Chamisso...
Understand Your Pet Before You Punish Them
A must-read book for understanding pets, 'My Puppy’s Heart Clinic' and 'Advanced Study on Cats'
Recently, as more people live alone, more people are raising pets to overcome their loneliness. However, people are having a lot of problems because they don't really know about their pets. In fact, there are many cases where people get bitten while touching their own dogs, and sometimes they become estranged from their own cats. I recommend this book to pet owners who are in this situation or want to understand their pets better...
Doing Nothing Often Leads to the Very Best of Something
A Fairy Tale for Adults Who Have Lost Their Dreams, Christopher Robin
When you become an adult, you feel the heavy weight of having to work and take charge of your life and family. So many modern people are worried about the future and try to face reality. Here is Christopher Robin, an adult who is like us in the movie...

Have You Ever Failed? Congratulations! Now, You Have a Chance to Succeed!

Have You Ever Failed? Congratulations! Now, You Have a Chance to Succeed!
Have you heard this common saying, “Laughter bri...
Everyone Grows Old
Why do the elderly push other people to take a seat on the subway? You must have frowned at the frustrating behavior of the elderly at least once. Most have negative perceptions of the elderly due to these experiences. But we all will become old one day. How does it feel to be an old man?...
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