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Spread your Dream through the Gachon Hawaii Program!

Spread your Dream through the Gachon Hawaii Program!
During the summer vacation, I went to Hawaii thr...
English Clinic
Attack of Fine Dust
Flee from the fine dust!
A man wakes up in the morning and he opens the window to let in some fresh air. However, despite the forecast of a clear morning, the Namsan Tower right in front of him looks very blurry. His white cl
Gachon Herald 33rd Reporters out, FOREVER GACHON HERALD!
Gachon Herald 33rd News Editor, Lee Hyun-young In my freshman year, I joined Gachon Herald by chance. At that time, I didn’t know that it would become the most important
People who are always on my side
A story about family love; Parenthood
Recently, I read in the news about a son who killed his father. I thought I would feel such news was ridiculous, but I did not. This is because there are thousands of sto
Open up your dream of a start-up in Silicon Valley, USA!
Everything about the 'US Silicon Valley internship program'.
With an ever-increasing number of college students who are interested in start-up businesses, there's an increased attention on the 'US Silicon Valley internship program.

Playing life with the flute

Playing life with the flute
In elementary school we experience playing sever...

Protect your privacy?

Protect your privacy?
Invasion of privacy, it is a big crime.
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