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Flowers that bloom once a year

Flowers that bloom once a year
Cherry blossoms are flowers that bloom only for ...
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What Will the Russia-Ukraine War Look Like in 2024?
On February 24th, 2022, Vladimir Putin declared war against Ukraine under the guise of "a special military operation," p...
Bedbugs Invade France
Having sleepless nights due to the buzzing sound of mosquitoes is a common experience for many people. In a manner like ...
South Korea's Environmental Policy in Retreat
Reacting to the Extension of the Regulation Transition Period for Disposable Items
Since November 2022, there have been changes in the use of disposable items such as paper straws in cafes. The Ministry of Environment introduced a new regulation aiming to reduce waste, but recent up...
How People Conform to an Unjust Society.
Kindred, by Octavia E. Butler.
Many individuals may encounter disadvantages or discrimination on a daily basis throughout their lives, whether in school or at work, as a result of specific policies or ...
The Tragic Life of Alan Turing
The Enigma Decryption Mission of the Nazis, 'The Imitation Game'
Alan Turing is revered in many places and has the distinction of being the father of computer science, the figure on the British £50 note, and namesake the Turing A...

We are Students and Entrepreneurs; Stories of Cocone School Entrepreneurs

If you are a student at Gachon University, you m...
Seeing Beyond Sight, 'Dialogue in the Dark'
Vision is considered one of the most crucial senses for perceiving the world. However, at times, exploring new insights...
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