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Photo Essay

Have You Ever Seen This Type of Voice Phishing

Have You Ever Seen This Type of Voice Phishing
New things are not always good.
Global Campus

I Became an Exchange Student During COVID-19!

I Became an Exchange Student During COVID-19!
“Are you insane?” This was the first word I hear...
English Clinic
No "777" in Slot Machines
Regarding the revision of the game law
Recently, famous games such as Maple Story, Mabinogi, Everybody's Marvel, and Lineage M have had issues with operational problems such as deceiving users by not properly disclosing the probability of 'random box'. Game users claim that...
This, Too, Shall Pass Away
The youth of the past sends a message to the youth of the present, the musical Myeong-dong Romance
Have you ever wished that time would go by fast because you are tired of doing the same thing every day? In the musical, Myeong-dong Romance, a person named Kim Seon-ho works at the Community Service Center as a civil servant...
'A Generation Where Knowledge Becomes Power, How Much Do You Know?'
A book that will guide you through the infinite world of big data: Big Data and Analysis Make the Future Come True
On February 25, 2021, Naver shut down its portal's real-time search chart service. This happened because big data, the amount of searches that individuals have made, was being used for political and commercial purposes...
Are You a Real Adult Who Can Protect Others?
Movies that deal with issues of child abuse, 'My First Client' and 'Miss Baek'
Recently, there were so many child abuse cases that sparked outrage from a lot of people. The definition of child abuse is physical, sexual, and psychological maltreatment or neglect of a child or children...

It, Could I Make It?

It, Could I Make It?
The software industry has become important and c...
Make Your Own Unique Item
Currently, the number of people who make artwork by themselves as a hobby, like cooking or miniature kits, is increasing. But most of them might not have experienced unusual handicrafts like leather or resin artwork...
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