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The Snacks are Discontinued, but the Plastic Waste Still Remains

The Snacks are Discontinued, but the Plastic Waste Still Remains
Plastic was first invented in 1856. And it takes...
Global Campus


Hello, my name is Hwang Nahee and I am majoring ...
English Clinic
Good Bye, 2022
What we've been through this year
A few days from now, the new year will come around. In 2022, many events have brought many changes to Korea. There have been many big incidents such as the presidential election where the nation's le
Elizabeth, the Empress Who Loved Death
Elizabeth, the 10th Anniversary Musical
The musical Elizabeth celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Elizabeth, which premiered in 2012 and attracted 150,000 viewers, has won several musical awards. Moreover, it broke all records provin...
An uncomfortable convenience store somewhere, why?
The Most Loved Book of 2022, Uncomfortable Convenience Store
Have you ever read a book Uncomfortable convenience store? Released in 2021 and more than a year later, Inconvenient Convenience Store has exceeded 400,000 cumulative sales and was...
What would you do if you knew you only had eight minutes to live?
A movie that tells life through science,
You may have heard that human hearing remains for a moment after death. This is because it takes about eight minutes for the brain to stop working even after the heart stops. Therefore, I would like to introduce a movie about this short time, ..

The thoughts of the video producer

The thoughts of the video producer
Today, with the development of Content media, th...
Enjoy the Journey!
Most people have heard of the brand Louis Vuitton. These days, Louis Vuitton is the one of the most luxurious brands and...
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