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Photo Essay

A Rainbow Where the Harmony of Various Colors Gives Off Beautiful Light

A Rainbow Where the Harmony of Various Colors Gives Off Beautiful Light
The rainbow, which emits beautiful light because...
Global Campus

My 3 weeks irreplaceable experience

My 3 weeks irreplaceable experience
Most university students dream of studying abroa...
English Clinic
Time to take care of the human rights of teachers
What's the problem with unprotected teacher's authority?
What do you expect to be among 'the toughest things to do as a teacher' as selected by teachers? According to the statistical data of the Education Ministry, about 22.9% is said to be a violation of
'Memphis,' a musical that changes discrimination and conflict into music.
A well-made musical that contains the struggles of 1950s’.
Musical ‘Memphis’ is a story of the king of American rock and roll, Elvis Presley. 'Memphis,' filled with soulful music and lively dances...
Let’s save our home planet!
Let my people go surfing, Patagonia
Recently, responsibilities for ESG management are emerging as important tasks in various industry. And many company invests based on corporate social values. Patagonia, a fashion brand is a one of the famous companies in the ESG management. Their copy right is come up...
Do We Have the Right to Condemn Them?
Unveiling the real good and evil through “Concrete Utopia”
Let's suppose that all the apartments in the world collapsed except for the one you live in. What would you do? The strangers...

Plan, Operate, Volunteer

Plan, Operate, Volunteer
Have you ever engaged in volunteer activities? W...
What looks good tastes good!
Recently, the MZ generation has gone crazy over sweet desserts such as Tanghuru. Did you know that Koreans have developement...
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