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No news is good news? No-show is bad news.

No news is good news? No-show is bad news.
‘No-show’ means making a reservation and not sho...
Global Campus

When I was 16

When I was 16 years old, I attended the 10th gra...
English Clinic
A Dilemma of the Sharing Economy
Taxis and carpools, can these two coexist?
As the world enters the fourth industrial revolution, industries using the Internet of Things have diversified. Above all, a platform service is a representative business of the sharing economy...
The weight of the word 'sorry'
‘Good Day to Apologize’: A play with the need for a sincere apology
We make many mistakes in our lives. When we make mistakes, we must apologize to the victims. But sometimes things get worse ...
It is better to die rather than to live without passion
t has been already three years since I joined The Gachon Herald, and as an output of my effort, I have become...
Bang! Faced with a total crisis!
The most stylish real-time survival action movie in Korea, PMC: The Bunker
What happens when an army is combined with the forces of capitalism? PMC is...

Figure Skater, move across the ice

Figure Skater, move across the ice
There are lots of people who recognize Yu-Na Kim...
Damn! I will just do it tomorrow
Do you achieve everything you wanted to accomplish during each vacation? Maybe many of you make lots of plausible plans at first...
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