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Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University
Tsinghua University, one of the most distinguish...
English Clinic
Carbohydrates; Study it well before you consume it!
Carbohydrates; medicine if consumed in proper quantities but poison when over consumed.
Korean people can do away with any meal when there's a bowl of rice and kimchi. Noodles, which are delicious and easy to eat, but Koreans do not feel sick of noodles even after three consecutive meal
I Can Do It
“I can do it.” That is what Park Sang-young said after losing 13-9 in the men's individual épée final at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. If I have to choo
“Ul Ssu, Good!”
Introducing high-quality Gugak to the world; ‘Saturday Performance of Korean Music & Dance’
Gugak is Korean traditional music. Gugak’s status has declined as people have become indifferent to it. Many people enjoy listening to foreign pop music as well as K-pop,
You are in danger NOW!
27 of July 2014, 17 of April 2016 and 17 of May 2016. Do you know what these days stand for? I guess you don’t. Then, how about if you match these days with the title in

Umm~~ Can you feel love in our Jam?

Umm~~ Can you feel love in our Jam?
Flea markets are trendy nowadays. We can see acc...

Looking for my Best Color!

Looking for my Best Color!
Everyone has had the experience of buying clothe...
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