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All Lives Matter

All Lives Matter
“It is not good to classify or divide people int...
Global Campus

Hawaii, the Place That Brought Life to Life

Hawaii, the Place That Brought Life to Life
One of the biggest things on my “to-do list” whe...
English Clinic
A World Covered with a Giant Pressure Cooker
About heat dome and various abnormal climates
In June 2021, in Lytton, Canada, the highest temperature reached 49.6°C, becoming the hottest day ever. In the same month, in the USA, the highest temperatures were 46.6°C in Portland and 54.4°C in California. It is because of the heat dome phenomenon...
A Play That Audience and Actor Make Together
Comic detective play, Shear Madness
Have you ever thought about changing the end of the story by becoming a character yourself? Shear Madness, which will be introduced in this article, is a comic detective play in which the audience can participate and change the ending in each play...
Aren't You Obsessed With 'Justice Addiction'?
The Reason Why You Cannot Forgive Someone, 'Justice Addiction'
We often hear lines from the daily news like ‘An actor with a good reputation had an affair.’, ‘A politician uploaded a discriminatory expression on his SNS’. It is illegal to have an affair, and using discriminatory expressions can also be a problem...
How Long Will It Go Up?
Big Short, the story of a bubble economy
hroughout history economic crisis have existed. They start with a bubble and can have a significant adverse effect on society as a whole. For example, in 1929 a worldwide depression was the reason for World War Ⅱ...

Would You Like to Listen to a Story of a Firefighter Who Always Protects Us?

Would You Like to Listen to a Story of a Firefighter Who Always Protects Us?
There are few opportunities to listen to firefig...
Watching Live Sports, What I Really Want to Know
Do you know why people go to sports stadiums instead of watching from home? A variety of media like TV or mobile services carry almost all games live. When watching sports at home, you can feel even more comfortable...
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