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Shining College Life with English, a New BeginningExploring Language Learning and Cultural Exchange Opportunities at Gachon University: A Guide for Students
Ju Min-Jeong  |  minjwh04@gachon.ac.kr
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 Seeking meaningful activities for the new semester or being concerned about English proficiency is common among students. As a new student, one may seek enjoyable campus activities while studying English, while current students may pursue opportunities for TOEIC preparation and studying abroad. Gachon University International Language Institute offers various language programs such as Group Study and Language & Culture Exchange with foreign students. If unsure about program selection or program characteristics, explore the article to discover the diverse on-campus international programs.
Experience at the 2023 Gachon International Winter School
 The 2023 Gachon International Winter School, organized by the Office of International Affairs at Gachon University during the previous winter vacation, provided a platform for current and exchange students from German universities to attend classes together. It facilitated English communication, joint class attendance, and the formation of international friendships. Participants of the program engaged in various activities including wearing hanbok at Gyeongbokgung Palace, visiting Lotte World, and experiencing Korean culture through dance and Taekwondo classes. Moreover, they savored Korean cuisine, such as pork belly, and culturally interacted with peers during lunchtime at nearby restaurants. This international semester program, offering interaction with overseas university students at our campus without the necessity of studying abroad, is also conducted in the summer.
Opportunities for Summer Semester Program
 Those interested in the international summer semester program can visit the Gachon University website in May for announcements. Participation in such international programs not only enhances English proficiency and fosters international friendships but also presents opportunities for studying abroad. Since additional points are awarded when applying for overseas programs like Gachon University Hawaiian language training and exchange/visiting student programs, prospective study abroad candidates should actively engage in international programs. Exploring program information via the Gachon University International Language Institute website is advisable. 
Range of Offerings by the International Language Institute
 Offerings by the International Language Institute encompass TOEIC and TOEFL programs, as well as language and cultural exchange programs for foreign exchange students and mentor-mentee initiatives for Korean students. TOEIC and TOEFL programs are available during both vacation and semester breaks, with camp-style options during vacations and G. Space group study and exchange programs during semesters.
Facilitating Language Skills and Cultural Exchange
 The international program facilitates English skill enhancement by fostering communication in a foreign language environment and provides diverse cultural experiences through interaction with overseas students. By effectively utilizing these on-campus international programs and strategizing for future study plans, individuals can enrich their college experience.
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