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An open-mindedness of a professor
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 In 1998, I obtained a doctoral degree in Japan and spent three relatively successful post-doctoral years at the Department of Biology at The Johns Hopkins University in the United States. However, setting aside all hopeful endeavors, I chose to move to Canada, driven by the welfare issues of my eldest daughter. Everything seemed to go smoothly. There was more time to spend with the family, and I could enjoy a more relaxed life. However, as time passed, I applied for permanent residency for a more settled life but received a sudden notification stating, 'Facing refusal of permanent residency visa issuance.' I came to realize that immigration openness for the national interest was the original purpose. Canada, particularly in terms of welfare and humanitarian aspects, has a good reputation among countries. Even without knowing the immigration policy, it seems to be a policy for the citizens, that is, for Canadian citizens. So, I don't get angry or upset. I just feel empty and frustrated. However, not only acquaintances but also people from the host country were disappointed and bewildered when they saw the notice our family received. Rather than thinking it might be due to being a person with disabilities, I attributed it to the more nuanced reason of 'medical expenses being too high,' but the purpose of coming to Canada became utterly futile. Nevertheless, as they say, 'Do your best and leave the rest to God.'(진인사 대천명) On the road where there seems to be no further progress, I gained a profound insight. 'Hope is not the anticipation or excitement that comes with being prepared, but it is never giving up on this very moment.' Due to such mindset, even amidst feelings of remorse and despair for my family, I continued to take small steps towards my dream.

 While serving as a Research Associate in the diabetes treatment development research team at McGill University, I couldn't help but nod in agreement at the alertness and openness of one senior professor's thinking. It was a Monday morning, the day when a doctoral student from China was scheduled to present their research paper. As usual, he greeted me with a cup of coffee and a small notebook tucked under his arm, chuckling. His voice had a commanding presence, capable of seizing attention early on. With a cough, the signal for the presentation began, and the student started presenting. Despite his usual sharp and incisive questioning, he remained silent for a while. The student, using a green laser pointer, passionately explained while drawing various ellipses here and there. Interestingly, the senior professor always had a red laser pointer in his hand. About halfway through the presentation, he pounced in, as if a lion was about to ambush its prey, and began to interrogate and dig deep. After a brief period of brutal silence and realizing that no further response could be expected from the presenter, he began to bury his thoughts and suggestions. During this time, both he and all of us involuntarily focused our attention on the end of the red light pointer. Something sparked in his mind, and while the presenter was pointing to the edge, he shouted, 'Don't move, just stop for a moment.' Everyone fell into the tension of the moment. However, he tried to concentrate the ends of two different points into one by supporting his trembling hand with the other. Perhaps the presenter also understood what he wanted. They deliberately focused on each other for a moment, and he asked everyone, 'How about seeing yellow?' Everyone burst into laughter. However, behind the laughter, I felt an inexplicable fresh shock after the breath of that moment. Observing his clear reason and composure in that one moment, I found myself reflecting.

“Am I truly awake in every moment?”

 "Hope" is a gift given to those who are prepared to constantly question themselves with a heart full of anticipation. I want to convey this message to all Gachon University students who are contemplating their career choices with a sincere desire to create the future they envision, including those dreaming of studying abroad.

▲ Dept of. Life Sciences


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