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Gachon University Establishes the First AI College in South KoreaAdvancing Convergence Education in Humanities and AI to Foster T-shaped Talents
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 Gachon University is actively pursuing continuous innovation and development to prepare for the future knowledge society. As a significant step in this direction, on December 14, 2023, the university decided to transform its existing College of Humanities into an AI College. This decision aims to integrate academic disciplines with rapidly advancing artificial intelligence technology to provide creative and specialized education.

 Students enrolled in the new AI College will complete 60 out of 90 major credits in their chosen language major, with the remaining 30 credits being replaced by AI-integrated courses. Among these, 15 credits will cover subjects including programming languages such as C++ and Python, as well as machine learning, deep learning, and AI linguistics. It is anticipated that faculty from AI and software engineering departments will actively participate, breaking down the boundaries between academic disciplines and providing practical AI education.

 Students have expressed positive opinions about the new curriculum, anticipating that the practical experience and diverse skills gained through the new courses will provide significant advantages after graduation. They believe that hands-on projects utilizing AI technology will enhance the connection between academic studies and practical applications. However, concerns and questions have been raised about the establishment of the AI College without sufficient discussion and consensus. Some argue that there was inadequate consideration of the fusion between humanities-based education and AI-integrated education. Moreover, there is ongoing concern that traditional humanities courses could be compromised and seriously limited by AI-based courses.

 President Lee Gil-yeo of Gachon University proclaimed, "To address the AI era, we actively support the 'Generative AI Teaching Method Research' workshop involving professors and the 'Generative AI Learning Community' operated by students, promoting vibrant AI education and research." She emphasized, "Through the establishment of the AI College, we will cultivate T-shaped talents with deep expertise in humanities and broad knowledge in AI and IT." As demonstrated in her statement, Gachon University's decision is regarded as an important initiative to prepare for the future through the convergence of education and technology. The combination of AI technology and humanities is expected to contribute to the development of innovative talents demanded in the new era.
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