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A Life That Responds to “Me”. A Life That Responds to “Me” in a Variety of Ways.
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 In Korea, there is an implicit timing standard. There are still many people who think that if we miss the right time to graduate from university, get a job and get married, they will fall behind. I also belived this. I wanted to meet these milestones and wanted to reach them faster, so I could become a person with a stable life. However, the life of an exchange student changed my values. While living in Canada for a semester. I realized the most important thing is that we are still young and can have various experiences, and even if we fail, we have still a lot of time to start anew.
 Canada was a different world from Korea except that there were four seasons. Everything else was new and amazing. The first scene that surprised me was a person crossing the grass even though there was a paved road. And they were other people who took that person for granted. If the same situation had occurred in Korea, it would have bothered other people’s eyes. Moreover, I expect that there will be some of people who would think those people need to change. I also thought that way at first. But after looking back, I thought that I might not be a fun person by always walking on the paved path. Perhaps I have only walked on a refined path because I think it was natural and everyone acts like that. So, I was embarrassed to face a situation that I’ve never thought of. How about pioneering a new path rather than walking a paved way? I asked myself the question and looked into the craving that I missed.
 I met various people at Thompson River University, Canada. Syd, head of the cheerleading team who recently started studying Korean, Jasmine who has two cute daughter, and Vince who already graduated from college but went back to college to pursue her favorite studies. Lastly, Mary whose children all became adults and started studying. They clearly knew themselves and what they want and like. Also, they moved forward while enjoying it. No one can judge what is the right way. The fact that they were moving forward happily, made me think that they were shining people in themselves. Diverse people that have different nationalities, ages, and goals made my narrow perspective much broader. In fact, there were many things that I wanted to learn and challenge, but I looked back on the past time when I pretended not to know my heart to walk on a path that was considered desirable. Now I made up my mind to live a life that responds to “me” and make my own life colorful.
 “I” started pioneering my “own” path. After graduating from Gachon University, I worked as an administrative assistant at the International Exchange office to prepare for a new challenge. I had a teacher’s license, so I prepared for the appointment exam, and I searched a job search site every day to find a job. Now I’m working hard as the youngest and learning various tasks in the entertainment advertising team. Maybe it’s the way around, and you cannot be sure it’s right. However, it is a life that listens to the sound of “me” and responds to “me”, I try to believe in myself. I hope you guys take a step forward without fear.  I would like to recommend that the first step be becoming an exchange student. It is because it is an opportunity to face yourself in the wide world and a privilege to enjoy as a college student. Do not hesitate in trusting yourself, look forward to your colorful life. I will cheer for everyone who challenges until the end.
Min Jung Choi
Dept of. English Language and Literature
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