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The Truth That We Didn’t Know About ‘Protein Shake’Healthier Way To Lose Weight.
Ha Se-Young  |  ozllof@naver.com
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Updated : 2021.12.21  22:17:10
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 We can easily see the people around us who are on a diet for beauty. However, most people think dieting needs lots of patience and effort and feel that losing weight is very difficult. The protein shake helps people who are neglecting their weight or health management because of their busy daily life to diet easily. It attracts many people who are not only athletes but also ordinary people who are interested in dieting. Let’s look into this amazing product.
 In protein shake advertisements that are usually exposed to various media, we can see the positive responses like ‘conveniently and easily in our daily life’, ‘delicious and healthy way to diet’. Other diet supplements have been shown that are prone to regain weight or be unhealthy. On the other hand, protein shake get good image that bodybuilders parallel with exercise. Due to various tastes and cheap price, it has recorded huge sales of sale, and statistics show that the protein supplements market will reach $15 billion in 2030, increasing by $5 billion from the present.
The effects and principles of 'protein shake'
 How can just a glass of protein shake make us feel full? This is due to highly viscous dietary fiber named ‘Glucomannan’, which expands volume itself and changes property when it absorbs the water so that it may slow digestion and absorption of food. When it meets water, it expands almost 40 times in volume and changes into gel-form, slowly passing through stomach. And the protein masses help us feel full. After you eat protein shakes, we feel as if we have already eaten our meal. So, we can’t eat anything else other than the shakes in most cases.
Side effects of intaking excessive protein shake
 All the nutrients we need to live cannot be replaced by the protein shake. Even if shake includes all the nutrients in it, it is difficult to maintain health by drinking only the shake. Therefore, we should be careful because replacing one meal with a protein shake can cause health problems. For example, protein shakes contain ingredients that may interfere with hormone levels and cause hair loss. There are some cases that people who have consumed protein shakes every day for a month lost about a third of their original hair and rapid hair loss.
How to properly consume a protein shake
 How can we overcome the side effects of protein shakes? Depending on the protein shake manufacturer, blood-sugar level sometimes sharply rises or falls after ingestion. Eating various types of protein shakes can change blood sugar levels that can affect health. Therefore, we need to consume only one product considering blood sugar levels as much as possible. In addition, protein shakes are artificially mixed with a variety of nutrients, so it is the same as taking fake nutrients. There is a big difference between proteins consumed as food and proteins consumed as processed products. Therefore, it is healthier to increase the amount of protein consumed by fresh foods such as chicken breast, tofu, and salmon rather than relying only on protein shakes. Finally, keep in mind that eating protein during or right after exercise can be extremely harmful to kidney function, so you should consume it after some time.
 If you find some difficulties controlling yourself and plan a different diet every day, it is also a wise way to get help from a protein shake. However, you must know that you should not rely too much on protein shakes. Because it is important to keep everything in moderation. Rather than dieting by just drinking protein shakes, it is better to use them as an aid with consistent exercise. Instead of replacing all three meals a day with protein shakes, I recommend you have a balanced and healthy diet through healthy food and protein shakes.
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