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S. Korea to conduct survey on Korean War-separated families
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Updated : 2021.06.24  03:22:46
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
1) The unification ministry said Monday that it will conduct a survey of families separated by the 1950-53 Korean War to figure out the exact number of survivors and 2) demand for reunions with their relatives in North Korea.
 The survey will be carried out from Tuesday until the end of October mostly on around 48,000 people who have applied for reunions with their 3) long-lost family members in the North, according to the ministry.
 South Korea has conducted the survey every five years since 2011 to see if such people are still alive and want reunions. This year's marked 4) the third of its kind.
The ministry said the survey will help collect more accurate and updated information on separated families that could be readily used 5) in the case that a reunion event is held.
 The survey also aims to find separated families who have yet to apply for reunions and ask if and through what methods they want to see or communicate with their relatives in the North, the ministry said.
 The two Koreas held their last face-to-face reunion of separated families in August 2018 at the Mount Kumgang resort on the North's east coast after 6) inter-Korean Red Cross talks. It was the first family reunion in about three years.

 South Korea has since pushed to 7) hold regular family reunions as a top humanitarian cross-border issue 8) given that many of the survivors are in their 80s and older.
 Seoul has also sought video reunions and 9) secured 10) relevant sanctions exemption on equipment to be sent to the North, but no progress has been made 11) amid strained inter-Korean relations and the global pandemic.
 The ministry said it plans to build six to seven more video reunion centers, in addition to 13 such halls established in Seoul and the surrounding area.

By Yonhap
Published: 2021-04-05
Source: The Korea Times


1) The unification ministry: 통일부

2) demand for reunions: 상봉 요구

3) long-lost family members: 이산가족

4) the third of its kind: 세 번째 사례

5) in the case that: ~라는 점에서 (=in the sense that)

6)inter-Korean Red Cross talks: 남북적십자회담

7) hold regular family reunions: 이산가족 상봉을 주기적으로 하다.

8) given that: ~를 고려하면 (=Considering)

9) secured: 보증된

10) relevant sanctions exemption: 관련 제재 면제

11) amid strained inter-Korean relations: 경직된 남북 관계


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