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What Is Your Desire?Best Netflix drama series, ‘Sweet Home’
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Updated : 2021.04.08  17:43:42
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  Today, as the OSMU(One-Source-Multi-Use) era begins, diverse genres are interacting. Among them, secondary productions like dramas and movies from original web cartoon are greatly loved. One of the examples is ‘Sweet Home’, which was based on the popular web cartoon. It was released as a Netflix original drama. Sweet Home is one of the most popular Korean shows and ranked third on Netflix worldwide. It is a 10-episode drama series. Despite the fact that only first series has been released, it has been tremendously popular. ‘Sweet Home’ is about people all over the country transforming people into monsters depending on their insatiable desires inside themselves and to the survivors in an old apartment called Green Home. The anxiety and fear from a state of national emergency which is called “monsterization” makes viewers realize the significance of everyday life, which is connected to the reality of today’s COVID-19 pandemic.
 ‘Sweet Home’ is distinct from other predictable stories about zombies, vampires, and the apocalypse. It is the exploration of the post-apocalyptic world with a new type of creature which is horrifying monsters not often seen in K-drama. People don’t become a monster because of the virus infection, instead the cause of the monsterization is the one’s desire which is an unpredictable setting. ‘Sweet Home’ is based around the life of Cha Hyun-soo. After going through painful events in his life, he moves into the apartment, Green Home. Monsters start appearing around him, and Hyunsoo fights with the remaining residents of the apartment to survive. Sweet Home is a modern thriller where you can see deeply into the filthiness, weakness, and tenacity of humans. To get all of you pumped up about the show, this article has compiled three interesting facts that will help viewers get more into the drama ‘Sweet Home’. Let’s check them out.

Interesting facts on monsters in the drama ‘Sweet Home’
 In ‘Sweet Home’, feelings like anxiety and fantasies inside human have a feature that is expressed externally along with violence. The very first monster found in the Green Home apartment is a would-be entertainer. This monster steals all of Hyun-soo’s noodles and even end up eating its own cat. As a would-be entertainer, she might have to endure hunger for a long time to make a good body shape, thus we can speculate that her desire is based on appetite. The protein monster, which showed herculean strength, has a very muscular body. This monster is assumed to be a person who was building muscle to be very fit to his body shape. The baby monster is found in a bathroom; it seemed like a figure of giant fetus inside the bathroom in a shape of a womb. This monster is a mother who lost her child in an accident. She had turned into a monster due to the desire of protecting young children in the Green Home apartment. Surprisingly, this monster is harmless for humans and never attacks them, even when it senses humans’ approach.
 Some monsters show social injustice by showing anger towards society. A representative example is the security guard monster, a monster with flies all over its body. It shows anger with social discrimination. He is the security guard at the Green Home apartment building, but his work conditions are horrible. He is constantly berated by tenants and is also mistreated by the landlord. One day, Cha Jin-Oak, a child care center principal gives a gift to him, as he opens the box, he recognizes the rotten fish in it. At this time, he starts to have a severe nosebleed which finally leads to monsterization. This monster's desire is based on the feeling of insult from the stink of rotten fish and flies. This makes a monster with a figure of flies all over it.

The evil of humans ‘Sweet Home’ has shown
 Let’s find out how ‘Sweet Home’ includes a story of the evil in humans. Cha Hyun-soo is the protagonist of the show, he was severely bullied in high school and he wasn’t consoled even from his family which made him be socially excluded. After going through the tragedy, he decides to take his own life. Cha Hyun-soo’s story of being bullied is revealed after his monsterization. The assailant is a transfer student to Hyun-soo’s high school, on the first day of school, when Hyun-soo helped him by picking up the coin he dropped. When Hyun-soo helped him, he gets bullied by the transfer student because the transfer student thinks, “the weather is wonderful”. From serious bullying, Hyun-soo loses his bright personality, friends, family, and his meaning of life. From his story, we can see how humans can be evil and this evilness can ruin one’s life. Additionally, from the bullying scenes, we can see the violence of human nature.

‘Sweet Home’, its outstanding cinematic quality
 The drama ‘Sweet Home’, which cost a total of 30 billion won and 3 billion won per episode, boasts outstanding cinematic quality. Hollywood’s best makeup team and Korean CG engineer team made the drama more realistic. The high-quality CG technology and three-dimensional makeup made monsters look more real and detailed. The drama was praised for portraying monsters livelier than the original Web cartoon. The cast of the actors who played the monsters were also amazing. “Yeongeun” monster and Protein monster were played by professional monster actor, Troy James, and Park Kwang-Jae who has a similar body shape with the protein monster. The actor who played the protein monster is a basketball player whose height is 195cm. He worked hard to make a similar body shape. Besides, the exterior of the Green Home apartment shown at the beginning of the drama is also materialized by the CG effect. The exterior of the Chungjeong apartment is the model of the Green home apartment, which is the oldest apartment in Seoul, built in 1933. Other than the studio, they have filmed the drama at the other apartment in Hoehyeon, built in 1970.

 We were able to find out about the drama ‘Sweet Home’ in detail. ‘Sweet Home’ depicts the desire and cruelty of human nature, it makes us think that our desire is rather uncontrollable. As it is a hit drama, people's expectations for the second series are high. The second series will be dealing more with how insatiable desire can end up. Let’s think more about the message that the first series is trying to tell us while we wait for the second series.

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