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Is It Just Me, or Is It Getting Crazier Out There?Give one-hit at impolite society, ‘Joker 2019’
Jeon Jong-Min  |  jongmin1701@naver.com
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Updated : 2021.04.08  01:44:29
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 The movie ‘Joker 2019’ was a controversial movie before it even came out. Particularly, in the USA, people thought the Joker was a villain in superhero movies. However, 'Joker 2019' was different. People thought this movie can encourage copy-cat crimes because it is a film that has a realistic story; an ordinary citizen, Arthur Fleck, becomes the Joker, a heinous criminal with a gun. In fact, in 2019, the polarization of American society was getting worse, and in 2012, there was even a mass shooting at a showing of Batman in a movie theater. As a result, the USA even issued a public notice that violence could occur in movie theaters before the movie release. Through this article, let's take a look at the movie 'Joker', which contains the story of a man who just wants to be loved by someone but becomes a psychopath-villain mostly because of society.

 The main character in this movie, Arthur Fleck, who is living as a clown in Gotham City, has a difficult life with his mother. His dream was to become a famous comedian, but he had a sense of humor that was different from other people, so people looked at him weirdly. He always wanted to live with a smile, but society would not let him be. One day, when he was publicizing himself as a clown in front of his shop, he gets beaten by a few boys passing by and his sign is stolen. Arthur his co-worker Randall what happened so Randall gives Arthur a pistol to avoid being beaten. After receiving a pistol, Arthur goes to a children's hospital event and dances with his pistol, and accidentally drops it in front of others. Receiving notification of dismissal over the phone, Arthur got on the subway to get home without removing his makeup. When Arthur laughed suddenly, the three young men in suits around him beat him. Arthur, who was struck by three guys, gets angry and kills them all with his pistol. He runs away and quickly arrives home. There, he sees himself not feeling guilty for killing the three people. A few days later, Arthur does stand-up comedy at the pub that he dreamt of. When his life seems to be getting a little better like that, he sees his mother's letter by chance and finds out that he was born by his mother and the entrepreneur Thomas Wayne. So, he visits Thomas Wayne, hoping to change his miserable life, but all he could gain from Thomas was the fact that Arthur's mother was mentally ill and Arthur was an adopted child. Because of this unacceptable fact, Arthur goes to a mental hospital to check his mother's old medical records. He finds out that her mother had paranoia, he was adopted, and that his mother pretended not to know that he had been abused by his mother's boyfriend in his childhood. Arthur felt his life crumbled, and he goes to the hospital where his mother was hospitalized and suffocates his mother with a pillow to kill her. Then, Arthur gets an offer to appear on a program where his respected comedian, Murray was on. In there, Arthur asks Murray to introduce himself as a joker when introducing himself. During the live broadcasting with Murray, he talks about Thomas Wayne, and says that he is the killer dressed as a clown who killed the three people before, and immediately kills Murray with his pistol. After the incident, Arthur gets arrested and is taken to the police station. On the way to the police station, the police car had a car accident and Arthur gets rescued by some citizens wearing clown masks. When Arthur comes to his senses and sees the people dressed up as clowns with blood bleeding like himself, he posed as the Joker, which implies that he had been reborn as Joker and the film ends.


 Social inequality and absurdity also made Arthur Fleck become Joker, but the direct causes were the absence of his father, the indifference of his mother, and the indifference of the people who did not reach him. In our lives, we will face many problems and will often be frustrated by them. And that makes you may feel excluded from society and may make you feel like society is making you suffer. In that case, let's take a look around. Find someone who can help you. And ask for help. Also, if someone asks you for help, help that person. If that happens, wouldn't it be possible that our society could escape from the impolite society that Arthur Fleck hated?

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