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21st century, the craze of new sportHot sport on the internet, e-sports
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Nowadays as the internet develops, many new games have appeared and people who love games has also increased. League of Legends, Overwatch, StarCraftand many other games have attracted us, and game competitions have started to appear. People who love games were thrilled about the new games, which gradually made ‘e-sports’ become a new culture. However, people who aren’t interested in games, will not know about ‘e-sports’. Therefore, I want to explain about ‘e-sports’ to those people.


What are ‘e-sports’?

‘e-sport’ means electronic sports. It is a sport through video games. According to the definition described in Article 2 subparagraph 1 of E-sport Promotion Act, it describes ‘e-sport’ as, “The activity that matches between people and people for record or competition through the games”.


Kinds of ‘e-sports’

The kinds of ‘e-sport’ can be classified either as an official game or a demonstration game. The formal game is an event that is recognized as to having a sufficient base and environment, which also has the eligibility of ‘e-sports’. The demonstration game is a kind of game that is recognized also as an eligible for ‘e-sport’, but it should be thoroughly examined after certain period to be selected as a formal game due to imperfect base and conditions.

The formal game is divided as professional game and general game. The professional game means that it has competition that players can act through continuous investment or it has enough base to establish organization of league. In professional games, there is ‘League of Legends’, ‘Battle Ground’, ‘FIFA online4’. On the other hand, the general game means it has insufficient player’s condition but it has company’s clear investment plan and development possibility through continuous fosterage. Some of the examples of general games are ‘Dungeon And Fighter’, ‘Sudden Attack’, and ‘Audition’.


History of Korea’s ‘e-sports’

Before the 2010s, ‘StarCraft’ was very popular in Korea. Professional gamer Shin Joo-Young won the ‘Ladder Tournament’, the best game of the time and he was recognized as Korea’s first professional gamer when he was in America, playing for professional game leagues, PGL(Professional Gamers League)’. Lee Gi-Seok who won at KPGL(Korea Professional Gamer League)’ 1st and 2nd contests, was called Korea’s best gamer of the time, and was aligning with Shin Joo-Young on 1st generation of professional gamer. When the 2nd generation professional gamers of ‘e-sport’ like Lim Yo-Hwan and Hong Jin-Ho appeared, ‘e-sport’ was at its golden age.

Since 2010s, StarCraftgradually decayed and League of Legendsbecame the best ‘e-sport’ game. League of Legends World Championship’ also became worldwide ‘e-sport’ competition. Especially, Korean professional gamers are famous in this competition. Representatively, there is Lee Sang-Hyeok with nickname ‘Faker’ from SKT T1. He is considered the best player in ‘e-sport’ history. He has many careers of victory. He won 3 times in League of Legends World Championship’, 2 times in MSL(Mid-Season Invitational), 9 times in League of Legends champions Korea’ and lot more. And he astonishes the whole world with his outstanding ability in every game.


Professional ‘e-sport’ players’ pain and effort

 As ‘e-sport’s popularity increased, people who wanted to be a professional gamer increased. According to a 2019 survey about career education that targeted elementary, middle and high school students, professional gamer was ranked 6th as a most desirable job. However, people couldn’t be a professional gamer just because they liked playing games. Professional gamers try hard to be the best. And in that process, they are easily exposed to diseases like hemorrhoids, xerophthalmus, carpal tunnel syndrome, and lumbar disc problems. In fact, the former StarCraftpro-gamer Choi Yeon-Sung announced his retirement because of carpal tunnel syndrome and Son Chan-Woong also announced his retirement because of lumbar disc. A lot of pro-gamers suffered from hemorrhoids.


Let’s participate in ‘e-sport’

 So far, we have found about what ‘e-sport’ is. Now let’s find out how we can participate in ’e-sport’.

- Presidential Cup Amateur 'e-Sports' Competition

 This is the best amateur game held annually. There are five game competitions, League of Legends, Battleground, Kart Rider, Audition and Brawl Stars. You can apply online and if you pass the regional game contest, you can participate in the national competition. If you have confident in playing games, how about you try participating in this contest?

- Game club, In-school game competition

 If you are interested in game but don’t aim to participate in big competitions, I recommend you join the game club in a college. In fact, Gachon University’s game club ‘GG Club’ belongs to ‘ABC Club’, which is the official university ‘e-sports’ club of ‘Blizzard’. You can enjoy various games on campus. Sometimes different colleges hold game competitions, so it would be a good experience to participate.


So far, we have learned about ‘e-sport’. Some people can get more energy through ‘e-sport’ than sports like soccer or baseball. Now, ‘e-sport’ has become a sport and is loved by many people. I hope this article can be an opportunity so that people who didn’t know or interested in ‘e-sport’ may know.

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