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Short-term overseas classes where you can gain experience!
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 Hello, I'm Ji Yuna, majoring in Public Administration. Let me introduce my experience of participating in the school's overseas class support program as a good opportunity. I have been dispatched to Guam University in the U.S. for short-term overseas classes in 2018 and Oregon State University in the U.S. for short-term overseas classes in 2017.
I applied for a short-term overseas class because I wanted to spend my vacation meaningfully.  I remember strongly recommending the program to my friends after returning to Korea because I had gained so much useful and valuable experiences during the program period.
Preparation and Process
To apply to the program, you can find accurate information if you refer to the international exchange office. Therefore, I won’t talk about the application method, but instead, I would like to give you some tips on short-term overseas classes. First of all, language grades are optional, but they require a certain level of English skills to be accepted. Therefore, you need to get the English test score and before the start of the semester.
The interview takes about 20 minutes in a group of five to six people, with 2-3 questions per person. There are many reviews and information about the interview at an application called “Everytime”, so I recommend you investigate as much information as possible and prepare the script. Even if you don't answer fluently, if you actively answer with a smiling face and a confident voice, you will be able to pass.
3 Reasons to Support Short-term Overseas Classes
There are countless reasons why I would like to share, but I will tell you the three most attractive things about overseas classes.
1. Living abroad at low cost
The school supports all the tuition fees, meals, and accommodation. You can take overseas university classes for three weeks at a very low cost and experience culture while living there.
2. An opportunity to build a precious relationship
I remember writing a rolling paper with my nine team members the day before I returned to Korea. We were wiping tears together because we didn’t want to separate. After living together for three weeks, we could see how each of us has good personalities, and we have made a relationship that is so precious that we still meet regularly.
3. The most fruitful vacation
It may be a small thing, but you can feel and learn and experience a variety of things from the preparation of flight tickets, travel expenses, to the everyday details of local life abroad. There are many activities such as snorkeling, city tours, and barbecue parties provided by the institute on weekdays or weekends. You don’t just take classes for the whole three weeks. In my case, I became confident in working on my own while traveling in the western US for about 11 days after short-term classes finished.
Last Tip
Please refer to the 'Late Review' posts on the website of the International Exchange Agency. It contains essential items for preparation, precautions, and tips for living in another country. It will be very helpful if you select the desired school or read the review materials carefully when preparing for your departure! In addition, your short-term class meet once or twice before going overseas, and your short-term class life will be more enjoyable :)
There are many overseas exchange programs supported by schools, but for those who do not have time to spare or have difficulty in raising expenses, I strongly recommend you try out for the short-term overseas classes.
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