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Only Different appearance, All The Same PeopleShow Discrimination In Hollywood In The 1940s. Oh, Hollywood
Oh Da-Hae  |  712dahae@naver.com
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Updated : 2020.12.30  17:27:30
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 Recently, the Korean movie "Parasite" won four awards; Best picture, Best screenplay and two more awards at the Oscar Awards. This is the first time for a non-English film to win such awards. It is very rare and difficult for an Asian film to win an Oscar. In fact, since 2016, the Oscar has been criticized for being a white male-oriented film festival; thus, many people argued that it should become a film festival for everyone in the world. The term "White Oscar" also emerged after the 20 white actors were nominated for major awards in 2016. Therefore, the recent Oscar has been trying to resolve the controversy over the differentiation. Then, how was Hollywood like in the 1940s when discrimination was rampant? I would like to introduce the drama Oh, Hollywood, which shows all kinds of discrimination through dirty and ugly Hollywood’s behind stories, but shows hope by showing successful people without giving up.

 Oh, Hollywood shows the process of people, who have dreams of being actors, writers, directors and producers, but who are alienated because of race or gender identity, overcoming handicaps and making their own films.

 #Story of Archie
 Archie is a talented playwriter with one big flaw. He’s dark-skinned and homosexual. Archie writes a movie <Peg> about the unknown actor Peg Entwistle, who committed suicide by throwing herself at a Hollywood autograph. He then sends the movie to the movie company ‘Ace’. In response, The production of the film has been confirmed but the filmmaker instructs Archie to remove his name from the filmmaking process because he is black. However, Archie's name is included because of the persuasion of the director Raymond, who wanted to make a movie with diverse races. After that, Archie proudly walks on the red carpet with his boyfriend, revealing his sexual identity and says, "Write your own story."
 #Story of Camille
 Camille is beautiful and talented, but she only plays the role of a ridiculous maid because she is black. But with her own talent and ability, she overtakes many white actors and takes the lead role in the movie <Meg>. The movie is reborn with the story of ‘Meg’, a black woman who tries ceaselessly without giving up, instead of the orginal Peg, who suicides. This movie has a message for African-American girls to realize that there is no limit. Camille wins the best actress award in the Oscar awards with this movie.
 #Story of Avis
 Avis, the wife of the chairman of the movie company ‘Ace’, takes over the role of CEO when her husband has difficulty running a company because of heart disease. Because she was a woman, she could not be well involved in her husband's business. But, she proudly demands the position of co-president at some stage. Avis finally becomes the general manager, confronting male-oriented lawyers over the company's management policy.

 The drama ends with a happy ending like the title of the last episode, "Hollywood-style ending." The movie <Meg> won the Academy Awards without giving in, despite riots and demonstrations against black people, sexual minorities and women in the filmmaking process. Maybe it's a fantasy drama. It was absolutely impossible in those days. It makes me feel bitterness on how good it would be if everyone could have a happy life without discrimination, just like the content in the drama. Oh, Hollywood shows how meaningless discrimination is and makes people dream of a world free of discrimination. I hope that the world will be free of discrimination for any reason, such as race, gender, or any others, just like the last Academy Awards shows us.

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