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My First Time Traveling Alone: Finding My Identity and Developing an Active Mindset
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I graduated from high school last year and entered Gachon university. That time, I looked forward to college life and a new change in my life. But,there is no big change of my life. Even though the pressure to a college entrance exam disappeared, Rather, it was more boring than   high school student. I just did a part time job at a small pub and fell into smartphone at home. in short, I just lived as time flows. After my first midterm exam at university, I decided to do anything, not just spending my time meaningless. so, I thought what is my favorite. one of my favorites was traveling. when I was young, I went to many famous tourist sites and saw beautiful scenery with my family, which was very impressive experiences for me. Through these thoughts, I decided to go traveling alone for 2 days.
First day, early morning, I just went to Seoul Cheongnyangni train station and purchased a train ticket to Danyang in chungchungbuk-do. I planned my traveling schedules and booked a guset house by using my smartphone at train. As I arrived at Danyang, I visited famous tourist sites like Dodam sambong related to the Joseon history, Gosu cave that is a limestone cave. I felt very good to see wonderful scenery and natural view. Also, that season is spring, whether is very great to travel. At night, I drank beer at the guest house. I felt very good and thought many things about my future, what should I do for my life. through this, I reflect on myself and could know my thoughts and identity. Second day. I went to go paragliding. At first, It looks some scary, but after I did it, I felt very fun and exciting. I could see a beautiful mountain and blue river. it makes my mind very comfortable. then, I ate kimchi pancake and buckwheat noodles. after lunch, I visited some famous tourist sites in Danyang. then, I went to the Danyang train station at midnight and came back home.
I think my traveling alone experience was not just very exciting and great memory, but also develop myself. through traveling, I make a plan for myself, not passive but active experience and it leads to my active mind, identity and spirit of challenge. it was very a big change for me. I gained confidence and felt I could do anything and became positive. after traveling, I took an active part in anything. For example, I take participate in university lecture and try to study harder. Also, I try to find what I want to do. So, I joined tennis club in university and enjoyed very much. then, In the summer vacation, I went on economic educational volunteer work to the children of mountainous regions. I feel very happy in my life.
some people can ask me. it looks not special. but for me, my travel experience makes me get my identity and active mindset. it is very meaningful and valuable experience. how about going to traveling alone?. I want to recommend to you. then you can reflect on yourself, get pleasure and valuable experiences in your life.


Last year I graduated from high school and entered Gachon University. I was looking forward to being a college student and facing new changes in my life. However, I soon discovered that there were no big changes. Even though I no longer faced the pressure of studying for the college entrance exam, I was even more bored than in high school. I just worked part-time at a small pub and stayed glued to my smartphone screen at home. As the days went by, I found there was little meaningful going on in my life.

As a result, after my first midterm exam at university, I decided to do something special, and to stop wasting my time on meaningless activities. So I asked myself what I was really passionate about, and I remembered that one of my favorite things was traveling. When I was young, I used to visit many famous tourist sites with my family, where we would enjoy seeing beautiful scenic places. Recalling these experiences made me decide to go traveling alone for a couple of days.

Early morning on the first day of my trip, I went to Cheongnyangni Station and purchased a train ticket to Danyang, Chungchungbuk-do. While on the train, I planned my travel schedule and booked a guesthouse on my smartphone. After I arrived in Danyang, I visited some famous tourist sites such as Dodam Sambong, a historically important place in the Joseon era, and Gosudonggul, a huge limestone cave. It felt great to see the wonderful scenery and experience the natural surroundings. Moreover, it was spring at that time, so the weather was perfect for traveling. That night, I drank beer in the guesthouse. I felt very good and thought deeply about my future and what I would do with my life. Thus, the time I spent there alone allowed me to engage in some serious self-reflection and find out who I really was.

On the second day of my trip I went paragliding. At first, it looked a bit scary, but after trying it I found out it was fun and exciting. While paragliding, my mind was put at ease seeing the beautiful mountain scenery and blue river flowing below me. For lunch that day I ate a kimchi pancake and buckwheat noodles, and then I visited some other famous tourist sites in Danyang. Finally, I went to Danyang Station and caught the midnight train back home.

I think my experience traveling alone was not just very exciting and memorable, but also personally enriching. I had to stop being so passive and learn to make my own plans. It helped me develop a more active mindset, find my identity, and foster a more adventurous spirit. It spurred big change in my life, boosted my self-confidence, made me more positive, and taught me that I could do anything I set my mind to. After that trip, I started taking a more active role in things. Now, for example, I participate actively in university lectures and try to study harder. I am also trying to discover what I should do with my life. I joined the university tennis club, which I enjoy very much. During the summer vacation, I volunteered to teach children from rural areas. In short, I now feel my life is more fulfilling and meaningful.

Some people may say that my experience traveling alone was not so special, but it helped me find my own identity and gave me a more active mindset. For me, it was very meaningful and valuable. So what about you? Have you thought about traveling by yourself? It is something that I would highly recommend. Maybe you will also be able to reflect on things in your life while having a pleasurable and valuable experience.


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