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Doing Nothing Often Leads to the Very Best of SomethingA Fairy Tale for Adults Who Have Lost Their Dreams, Christopher Robin
Oh Da-Hae  |  712dahae@naver.com
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Updated : 2020.03.16  23:24:09
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 When you become an adult, you feel the heavy weight of having to work and take charge of your life and family. So many modern people are worried about the future and try to face reality. Here is Christopher Robin, an adult who is like us in the movie. After forgetting his dream, Robin meets Pooh, a bear he had played with as a child, and he regains the spirit and happiness that he had forgotten. I would like to introduce this movie to another Christopher Robin, who has forgotten his childhood.

 Christopher Robin, the main character who played with Pooh when he was young, has grown up. He left his hometown of Hundred Acre Wood to enter a boarding school, fought in the war, got married and started a family and now has a beautiful daughter. It looks perfect on the outside, but Robin is not happy. Robin, taking charge of the company's important work, stays in London without a family trip. Just at the moment when he’s totally burnt out, he happens to be reunited with Pooh. Pooh comes to ask Robin for help to find his lost friends. To help Pooh, Robin takes the train back to his hometown and the plot of the movie begins in earnest. Looking for lost friends, Robin regains his childhood happiness. The movie contrasts Robin's reality with the purity of Pooh and his friends. And we face the loneliness of being an adult, finding ourselves thinking like Robin. For us, the movie comforts us with some lines such as,
 “Your life is happening now, right in front of you”
 It's his wife's answer to Christopher's saying that his future will improve if he works hard. His wife advises Christopher on his work and his inability to spend time with his family and his unhappy appearance. I think it is most necessary for us to forget what is really precious and live worrying about our future. The future concerns are important, but the present happiness is also important. Right now is life.
 “Doing nothing often leads to the very best of something.”
 Achieving and achieving something is not the only greatest thing. Spending time with doing nothing is also doing something great.
 “Where are we going, Christopher Robin?
 One of my favorite places”
 “What day is it?
 It’s today
 oh, My favorite day”
 It is a line that can make the audience feel something special, not just great and wonderful, but small, as well. Sometimes you have daydream, look at the sky, smell the wind, and feel the rest. Let's get out of the pressure to do something and feel free to live.

 Pastel tones, soft film color,s and gentle lines of comfort warm the heart in this movie. There is an impressive review that a father cried when he went to watch a movie for the sake of his little daughter. Like this, Winnie the Pooh seems like a light children's movie, but it comforts adults. Let's not forget our present precious existence and happiness. Sometimes, let's do nothing and feel free to live. I recommend this movie to adults who need warm encouragement, who forget their dreams and live like Christopher Robin in the movie.

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