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Belle Epoque: Beautiful Days‘Age of youth’: The self-portrait of youth drawn by five female college students
Lee Da-Ye  |  dear_dae@naver.com
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 People who’ve past their youth say, “youth is the best time.” But this saying has faded long ago. This is an age of the ‘N generation’ which stands for “a generation where people have to give up many things”. We thought college was everything when we were teenagers, but we still feel tired after entering college. In college, we suffer from trying to get good grades, student loans, and employment problems. There is a drama that reflects our tough reality. A drama ‘Age of youth’ is the story of five unique female college students living together in a share house called “Belle Epoque.” These students offer consolation to many youths. The biggest attraction of this drama is that their stories are like mine and my friend’s stories. Now, let’s take a look at what scene is the most sympathetic to us.

 1.Yoon Jin Myung - “This is like the limit line for me. Like the end of the earth. If I can’t endure now, I won’t be able to stand anywhere. But if I get over this situation, I would stand anything. That’s what I decide to do by myself.”
Jin-Myung, who works hard frequently at part-time jobs, has a colleague tell her to quit her job. Then Jin-Myung uses this line to show that she is living a life, standing on the edge of a cliff every day. Jin-Myung is the most depressed character that shows self-portraits of a living part-timer. Her dream is just to be an office worker and live a normal life. Struggling with debt that she cannot afford and a brother that has been living on a respirator for six years, she can hardly afford to prepare for a job and work part-time at the same time. What she needs most is money; love is nothing but a luxury to her. Such a scene sent a lot of empathy to the financially troubled college students.

 2.Yoo Eun Jae - “The thought of ‘It wouldn’t be useful to express my thoughts,’ ‘Fear of being hated when expressing my thoughts,’ ‘presumption that others will mock my feelings. Come to think of it, and I thought other people were different from me. I thought they would be more rude, violent, and insensitive than I. I was arrogant. There are the same as me. They also feel anxious and hesitant as I do, and they’re as good as me.”
Passive freshman Eun-Jae cannot adapt herself to living with housemates who point out one thing or another. She feels like she is the only one holding back and feeling uncomfortable. She thought it would be useless to talk about it and for fear of being hated, she thinks ‘put up with it even if it’s inconvenient.’ But her anger eventually erupts by some selfish people. When she quarrels with housemates, she realizes that they are equally considerate for her. If you don’t talk, no one knows. Don’t hide it. You have to talk to people. After all, the lack of communication was a problem. She realizes that she was not the only one who was suffering and her view of others changes. Like this, such scenes of the first independence, the first college life, and ups and downs at the start of one’s twenties drew sympathy from many students who started their social life.

 ‘Belle Epoque’, a place where they live, tells us it’s the most beautiful time when we are frustrated continuously, bumping, and communicating with each other. We think everyone lives happily except me. But if we look into others’ daily lives, it might be the same. They all probably would live calmly with their own secrets in their hearts. Their stories and struggles may vary, but not many youths would feel that life is easy and happy. That’s why I hope you don’t forget “Youth” is an exciting and beautiful time with that word alone. I hope you can make up your own beautiful story of youth life.

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