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Our Everyday Hero, FirefighterHaving an Interest in Firefighter through the Performance Firefighter
Sim Kyu-Han  |  rbgks0103@naver.com
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Updated : 2020.01.21  00:39:25
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 In movies and dramas, superheroes appear every time disasters occur, saving people easily from a desperate moment. In reality, however, there are no heroes who fly with high-tech suits or have superpowers. Instead, we have "real" heroes, firefighters around us who always appear in crises, like superheroes. Unlike the superheroes that receive great attention and love, however, people don’t seem to have much interest in firefighters. Therefore, I would like to introduce a performance that would make you feel closer to firefighters who always protect our life.

 Fireman started being performed in 2015 and has been performed worldwide as well as domestically. Fireman received a plaque of appreciation from the Seoul Metropolitan Fire and Disaster Headquarters in 2015 and won the Grand Prize for Pop Culture at the Korean Wave Awards in 2016. Fireman's biggest attraction is a non-verbal performance, which shows images of firefighters saving lives through acrobatics and parkour. Using the parkour, which involves jumping over buildings, walls and bridges without any equipment, shows a powerful image of firefighters. Moreover, a sense of humor in every scene and direct communication with the audience make the audience feel more familiar with firefighters. Let's take a closer look at these charms of Fireman.

1. Characters
 Fireman is about a variety of individuals from different backgrounds and personalities, becoming good firefighters. Each character is unique but familiar. Watching them grow up as firefighters, you can feel friendly toward them. A total of six characters appear at the admission ceremony under the captain's call. Six firefighters are difficult to understand in performance because their traits are delivered only by their actions and expressions, so let me explain the backgrounds of preliminary firefighters.

1. Charlie: He grew up in an affluent home with a very rich father. He has excellent looks and likes to show off. Wherever he goes, he has to be the best.
2. Juliet: She has just graduated from university and always looks bright.
3. Tango: A former model, pole dancing, is her specialty. She sends endless fan service to the paparazzi who always follow her.
4. Alpha: A former wrestling champion. He always acts confidently in everything because he has played various sports such as martial arts, wrestling, and taekwondo.
5. Delta: A former member of the Special Warfare Command, and a man of great sense of duty of firefighters. He has just been discharged from the military, so he behaves with discipline.
6. Bravo: Very clumsy person. He is late for the admission ceremony, and a little sloppy about everything. He is an insensitive troublemaker.

Training scene
 After the admission ceremony, a firefighting training scene is shown. Physical training, training the use of fire equipment and basic first aid training scenes follow. The physical training scene where firefighters cross many obstacles set up on the stage is spectacular. Acrobatics and parkour scenes, which are shown along with fast music, satisfy both the eyes and ears of the audience. In the scene of training the use of fire equipment, firefighters look at a loss at the strong water pressure from a fire hose, which tactfully describes what real firefighters have experienced. The first aid training scene introduces the basic CPR method in a funny way. First, the actors demonstrate how to do CPR and select one of the audience members, who learns the basic CPR together with actors. This is one of the Fireman's attractions.

Rescue scene
 In the latter part of the performance, firefighters' rescue scene begins. In this rescue scene, the siren sounds are heard throughout the stage with red lights. Firefighters approaching disasters are expressed through acrobatic action. Actors cautiously cross between buildings, which are well represented under limited-stage conditions. The rescue scene shows the firefighters' mindset. The moment you believe the rescue is completed, you hear a child crying from the burning building. The fire has already spread badly. However, the firefighter goes back into the fire without hesitation despite other people's dissuasion. Fortunately, this scene ends with the captain's dream of worrying about his colleagues. This scene shows the professional sense of duty and responsibility of firefights and also illustrates that firefighters are overcoming the fear and anxiety about losing a life.

 Firefighters face disasters that are difficult for ordinary people every day. Even in that situation, pushing their fears behind, they go into danger with just the professional sense of and responsibility of being a firefighter. I hope we pay close attention to the firefighter, the hero of our daily lives. I hope that through the performance Fireman, affection, and interest for the firefighters who always take risks for our safety.

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