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Now Is the Time That You Need to Know, “The Speech Habit That Can Change Me”Communication skills that we haven't learned so far; we can do it.
Kim Gyu-Ri  |  kelly4285@naver.com
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 We might often hear things like, 'what do you want to say?' and 'speak more clearly,' when you're talking with someone else. Besides, when you make a presentation in front of many people, you often fail to deliver what you want to convey. Enhancing communication skills is the basis of self-improvement in modern society, and is emerging as one of the important abilities. But we haven't considered this as an essential capability. Perhaps we didn't try to develop our communication skills, thinking that 'that ability is innate, not something that can be learnt.' So, I would like to introduce a book that will help us improve our communication skills.
 The book talks about a total of five subjects. It consists of human relationships, speaking skills, organization skills, logical thinking, presentation skill, and quick-thinking. Among them, presentation ability is the source of conversation. With the improvement of presentation skills, sentence making and planning abilities can also improve significantly. Therefore, I would like to introduce you to the way of improving your presentation skills, which will be of great help to college students.

Let's master a three-minute speech.
 First of all, you need to learn and master a three-minute speech to improve your speaking ability. It is no exaggeration to say that three-minute talk includes everything that builds up speaking ability. A three-minute talk consists of two topics: a subject for a conversation and a topic. A subject for a conversation is the basic root of a story to be spoken, namely, facts and examples of what you have actually seen, heard or experienced from others directly or indirectly. A topic is what you want to say or point out the most among the contents that have been drawn from the subject of conversation. The shorter a topic is, the better. To be specific, less than 20 Korean letters are appropriate. If you can't reduce it to less than 20 letters, you need to think about the topic again. This is because the point you're trying to say is not clear if it’s over that amount. Now, we will look at the development of a three-minute talk using these two components. The first step is to present a subject: presenting greetings to the audience and what you want to say most or presenting the stands of a story. The next is to develop a topic. In this stage, you tell specifically about your opinion about what you said, heard, or did. Finally, you mention your topic again. In this way the speaker can clearly convey what they want to say from the beginning, so the narrative never becomes unfocused. The subject is so clear that the subject matter does not fail to get to the point.

Let's use paper carving.
 We learned about the structure of a story and the way of developing a story in the previous section. Now I'll talk about how to make a good story. One of the best ways to build a story is “using pieces of paper.” With this method you create a story by using pieces of paper. First, write down what comes into your head on a piece of paper. Look at the pieces of paper again after about half an hour. Then a piece of paper will become a hint and new ideas will emerge in your head. And then, write them down on a piece of paper again. When you think you have written them all down, collect pieces of paper that are identical or similar in content. The assembled pieces of paper will be divided into several piles. The next task is to relocate the piles of paper pieces so that they may be easy to talk about or to be easily understood by the listener. The placement should be arranged in consideration of the order of time, the order of space, the importance of placement, and the order of content that listeners may not know well. You might think it's a waste of time. But it would be a much more efficient way than to just think about the storyline in your head, or to write down the story from the beginning without any plans.

 Nowadays, people can’t get credit or get noticed without being able to express their abilities actively. It will be challenging to survive in this society if you are not good at communicating with others. In addition to the methods having been introduced so far, there are many more useful ways in this book. Wouldn't it be possible for us to see our communication skills improving if we keep practicing these methods?

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