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Share your job hunting problems with the consultation centerFrom interest examination to semi-interviewing for free.
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  Are you enrolled at a consulting center or interviewing academy, to help with fear of talking in front of other  people? If you are, then come to the Job Support Center, which is located in the Student Service Center of the Vision Tower. The Job Support Center offers many programs for free, so let's check the various programs that the Job Support Center offers. 
First, the consultation is done on the basis of data. Before advisement, students enter the work-net in order to do a job preference test, then you print the results, and request advisement after signing up as a home-page member. If you visit the center at a designated time, you can get counselors’ advice on the jobs that may be adequate for you, what to prepare for that job, and receive feedback after consultation with the counselor. Counselors registered in the Job Support Officer are all professionally trained, registered at the Ministry of Employment and Labor, and selected by Gachon University through interviews.
  Second, you will experience a semi-interview and video-interview. When you apply for semi-interviews, you should send a copy of your resume and a cover letter via email. Then the professional counselors will search details of the job, which students want to try for, and make a questionnaire based on the submitted information. After the interview, counselors will give feedback on the pros and cons. There is no restriction on the number of interview you want to conduct, so those who want unlimited practice for hands-on experience can retry the interview as much as you want.
  What about video-interview? The video-interview has about 15,000 questions covering fields such as society, politics, culture, etc. In other words, this is a niche for anyone who wants to answer questions in every area. In addition, the video-interview is different from the semi-interview in that the interviewee answers a TV voice. On the other hand, the video camera, which is placed next to the TV, takes a photograph of the interviewee. With the video-interview you can take advice from counselors or you can choose to see yourself on the computer screen and judge yourself. The semi-interview and video-interview are so popular among the students that you have to reserve at least two weeks ahead.
  The third program is the Job Support Center's ‘Other plan job camp.’ This is an intensive job lesson, which is held for two nights and three days. In this program, you can be taught interviewing skills and how to write resumes and cover letters by current major company personnel. You must have TOEIC scores above 750, and a 3.5 GPA to apply for the job camp. Further, it needs prompt reservation because space is limited to 100 students.
  As such, I have gone over the Job Support Center's programs: advisement, interview, and job camp. Apply; reserve; and receive the help you need for free. Save money and solve your employment problems.

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