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Big Brother is Watching You1984, the prophecy of George Orwell
Jeon Jong-Min  |  jongmin1701@naver.com
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Updated : 2019.09.21  18:00:48
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In June, there was a news story about an internet lecturer fabricating comments. The person did this because internet lecturers and instructors want to attract as many customers as possible. People try to lie to others in order not to lose what they have. This kind of selfishness can also be found in the book 1984.  

 1984 is a dystopian novel in which the main character Winston Smith tries to get out of Oceania, a virtual world of surveillance and regulation, but eventually gets frustrated. Dystopia novels refer to literary works that criticize reality sharply by depicting the negative aspects of modern society. In the book, Winston works in the Department of Truth, whose primary task is to fabricate and revise past newspaper articles in favor of the government. He wants to rebel against the party with his lover Julia, another skeptic of the government. But O'Brien, an inner party member, notices this and approaches the two. Winston is taken to the party and is tortured. Eventually, Winston gets released with a complete loss of will to resist the party, and he spends the rest of his life helplessly at a café just looking at the news.

 Let's take a closer look at the party. In Oceania, Big Brother was the leader of the party, leading all the countries. With its slogan "War is peace, freedom is subordination, ignorance is strength”, people do not dare to rebel against national policy. It prevents people from questioning the party's policies through the 'Two Minutes Hate Time', which is the time for worshipping the Big Brother and cursing the enemy. In Oceania, the party installed a ‘telescreen’ to monitor the people who might question the party or raise a rebellion. Like CCTV, we can’t see what is being taped, but the ones who install them can see it. These telescreens are installed in such a way that it is difficult to find places where they are not installed. This makes for a perfectly controlled society.

 Something like this is also happening around us. What is currently happening in our society, such as comment manipulation cases, textbook nationalization, and the manipulations of public opinion are similar to the party in 1984 which turns the truth into a lie. Also, if you look at our neighboring country, China, you can see how they post faces and images of people crossing the street through CCTV on electric signboards. It is like Big Brother who controls society. Thus, there are many similarities between the world of 1984 and modern society.

 1984 was written by George Orwell in 1948, imagining how the year 1984 would be. However, much of the contents in the book resemble the current year of 2019. Please read this book and think again about whether you are being deceived by those who lie for their own good, like those from 1984.


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