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What would you do if you have a remote control for your life?‘Click’, the movie that recalls the values of a family.
YANG Jiyeon  |  gooooodj@gmail.com
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Updated : 2012.08.16  13:12:05
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  Extreme competition encourages egotism, and eventually results in serious domestic problems, as well as social ones. A lack of communication among family members causes family problems, and this has become reasons for family violence and, in the worst cases; murder. Such family problems lead to various social problems like bullying and suicide. When the meaning of family has been ignored, a movie has shown us the value of having a family. That movie is called ‘Click.’ .
  Michael is an ambitious architect who has a wife and two kids, and he has big dreams of being successful.  However, his family gave him a hard time during a period when he was on the brink of being promoted. One day, Michael got a universal remote control at a shop called Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and he used the remote to live a life with no trouble. He negotiated a deal with foreign clients by pressing a language selection button, and pressed the fast forward button whenever he got into an argument with his wife or had dinner with his parents. Michael who was annoyed with his family and bothered by the set back of his promotion, decided to fast forward his life, but this time it wasn’t just a couple of minutes. It eventually helped him become successful, but the time with his family passed very quickly. Finally, the remote control was set on auto-pilot and began to fast forward by itself. Then he knew that the situation was wrong so he threw away the remote control, but somehow it always came back. Time was passing out of control and he couldn’t even recognize his kids who had grown so much. He even had a divorce with his wife and found out that she had gotten re-married. Even his father's extreme moment passed very quickly, but he missed the chance to see his father pass away. He went back to the time when his wife had broken up with him, and the time of his last conversation with his father. 
  Michael was disgusted by the sight of himself and began to regret his actions. He realized his mistake when it was his time to pass away. Then, as he was dying he was awakened from the bed at the store, and the movie ends after Michael realizes it was all just a dream. Now he knows that everything was a dream and he leaves the store happily. Michael realized how precious his family is and he returned to the bosom of his family, living a more loving, happy life.
  Perhaps some of us are thinking, ‘How I wish I could have the universal remote control!’ Perhaps you, who read this article, might have envied Michael, but the moral of this movie was not a universal remote, but the meaning of family and life. We should learn to treasure each and every single moment of our lives because once time passes, it does not come back. Family will always be a part of our lives and they will always be on your side. We sometimes make mistakes as well by not knowing the value of things that are presumed. You might live without realizing the value of things. However, now is the time to realize the values in life so look around you. I hope you can come to appreciate this moment and those who are dearest to you.


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