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: Madonna gives an emotional speech at the GLAAD Media Awards
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Updated : 2019.07.21  17:06:52
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 While being honored at GLAAD's 30th Annual Media Awards Saturday night, Madonna took the chance to explain why she has long 1) identified with the 2) LGBTQ community.
When 3) the singer took the stage to accept the organization's Advocate for Change Award, she gave a 4) heartfelt speech.
"Why have I always fought for change? That's a hard question to answer," she said. "It's like trying to explain the importance of reading, or the need to love. Growing up, I always felt like an outsider, like I didn't 5) fit in . It wasn't because 6) I didn't shave under my armpits -- I just didn't fit in, OK.
"The first gay man I ever met was named Christopher Flynn. He was my ballet teacher in high school and he was the first person that believed in me, that made me feel special as a dancer, as an artist and 7) as a human being. I know this sounds 8) trivial and superficial, but he was the first man to tell me I was beautiful."
"Madonna always has and always will be the LGBTQ community's greatest 9) ally and it is only fitting to honor and celebrate our 10) biggest advocate at GLAAD's biggest event ever," GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said in a statement prior to the ceremony.
"From the 11) HIV crisis to international LGBTQ issues, she fearlessly 12) pushes for a world where LGBTQ people are accepted. Her music and art have been life-saving 13) outlets for LGBTQ people over the years and her affirming words and actions have changed countless 14) hearts and minds."
Madonna is the second person to receive the award. President Bill Clinton was awarded the honor in 2013.
The GLAAD Media Awards recognize artists, journalists, media companies and others for fair and 15) inclusive representations of the LGBTQ community and the issues that affect their lives, according to GLAAD's website.

By Chole Melas

Published: 2019-05-05

Source: CNN

<Word & Expressions> 
1) ~ 동질감을 갖다 (동의어) sympathize with
따라서 이 기사에서는 마돈나가 왜 성소수자 커뮤니티와 동질감을 갖게 된 이유를 설명했다는 의미이다.
2) 성소수자 lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer.의 약자
3) 마돈나, 영어 표현에서 이렇게 같은 주어를 다른 명사로 표기한다.
4) 진심어린
5) 적응하다 fit in with somebody 누구와 잘 어울리다
6) 겨드랑이 털을 깍지 않은 건 아니다. 여기서는 내가 아주 괴짜여서 적응하지 않은 것이 아니라 그냥 아웃사이더로 지냈다는 의미이다.
7) 인간적으로
8) 별거 아닌 것 같지만
9) 절친한 협력자
10) 최대지지자. 목적어에서도 동의어 반복을 피하면서 의미 전달하는 방식의 표현이다. 마돈나를 의미한다
11) 에이즈[HIV] 바이러스(human immunodeficiency virus)
12) 밀어 부치다. 지원하다. 에이즈 파문으로 성소수자에 대한 사회적 편견이 있는 상황에서도 마돈나는 성 소수자들이 받아들여지는 사회를 위해 밀어주었다.
13) 분출구 마돈나의 노래를 통해 성소수자들이 뜻이 분출되었다는 의미이다.
14) 감성과 지성 사람들을 뜻한다.
15) 폭넓은

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