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There is No Business to Win HealthThe book that will protect my health, ‘The Owner’s Manual’
Oh Da-Hae  |  712dahae@naver.com
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Updated : 2019.07.09  14:48:23
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 These days, how many people, especially college students, are taking care of their health? There are not many. Rather, they have bad habits for their bodies, such as watching their smartphones for too long or eating unhealthy late-night meals. As a result, younger generations are exposed to illnesses like presbyopia, arthritis, hypertension, and cancer. Diseases that are usually only experienced by the elderly. According to recent health checkup data of people in their twenties and thirties, their health is in a seriously bad state with the 5.5 percent prevalence rate of high cholesterol and 13 percent prevalence rate of high fat and poor liver function. So, what can we do to take care of my health? Let’s learn how to take care of our body, especially the important parts of our body, the eyes and stomach, through the book, The Owner’s Manual.

 1. Let’s take care of our eyes when we can see: The Eyes
 80% of information processed by the brain is from eyes. The greatest danger to the eyes is loss of sight. So, what are the ways to prevent bad eyesight? Ultraviolet rays are very dangerous to the eyes because they can cause cataracts. For this reason, our eyes should not be exposed to the sun for a long period of time. People who usually go out for outdoor activities must wear sunglasses to block UV rays. Also, many modern people have a xerophthalmia which is caused by a lack of tears. To protect your eyes, you can increase your quantity of tears by drinking a lot of water. When working for a long time with computers, keeping the monitor 45 degrees below the eye level may also reduce the risk of xerophthalmia. Good food for the eyes is spinach and corn. Rutein which is present in high levels in spinach and corn, will help the health of the eyes. Also, DHA, a component of fish oil, can prevent xerophthalmia by eating 500mg a day.

 2. Just changing your eating habits can help your stomach stay healthy: The Stomach
 There are various causes of gastrointestinal disease. Among them, the main causes are from irregular meals, spicy food and frequent alcohol intake. Therefore, just changing your eating habits can keep your stomach healthy. First, avoid eating late at night. If you lie down right after eating, you can feel your stomach burning by refluxing gastric acid to the esophagus and if it repeats, you may have gastroesophageal reflux disease. Second, put the food in a small dish. According to recent research, the visual effect of eating sends signals to our brain to slow down the digestive process. In other words, when you eat with a small dish, your calorie intake decreases even though you still feel a sense of fullness in a similar way to when you are eating with a large dish. As a result, it can have the effect of living a younger life for three years because it prevents the aging of arteries and the immune system by reducing the amount of food intake. Third, try to eat more fiber. Fiber or fibroid materials make digestible food scraps lump together and become smooth, making them easier to pass through the colon. Fibroid materials are also good for suppressing overeating because they have no calories but make you feel like you are full. Fibroid materials are included in oranges, grapes and beans. .

 Some of the information here may already be well known to you, but you might learn more from The Owner’s Manual. The main point is that if you take care of your body with just a little attention, you can prevent a big disease. Everyone expects to enjoy a healthy old age. Don’t trust your healthy body of youth. You should maintain your body healthy, starting with minor cares. A small but steady efforts will turn out to be very valuable for your health.

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