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Bang! Faced with a total crisis!The most stylish real-time survival action movie in Korea, PMC: The Bunker
Lee Yeon-Ji  |  cocorean23@naver.com
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Updated : 2019.03.22  20:59:31
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 What happens when an army is combined with the forces of capitalism? PMC is the abbreviation for “Private Military Company” a group that treats a war like a business. Let’s learn about the charms of PMC Black Lizard which only moves for money. Also, let’s check out the key points of this movie.

 Black Lizard, Mission start!
 The Black Lizard’s soldiers are all illegals who don’t have any affiliations or nationality. But their ability is universally recognized as top-class, so they receive a request and undertake a big profit project from the CIA. However, in the DMZ operation area, there is a new face, KING, not the original target, in underground secret bunker of the DMZ. KING is North Korea’s top-ranked official with a huge bounty on him, and the Black Lizard team changes its plans and succeeds in kidnapping him. However, they fall into the trap of another PMC and the CIA…. Can they survive to the end?

 A movie viewing key point
 1. A vivid sense of scene as if playing game called ‘Battle Ground’:
You can feel great sense of realism through the first-person perspective. The director used a rare POV (Point of View) filming technique in Korea, and through this, the audiences can feel as if they were in the battle with main character, Ahab. Also, in reality, actor Lee Sun-kyun shot about 70% of his scenes himself.
 2. Ahab’s PMC style: The Black Lizard’s captain Ahab (Ha Jung-woo) wears a luxurious watch, jumper and cargo pants with a two-block hair style when carrying out the mission. There are even fancy tattoos on his arms. Unlike soldiers with short hair and neat uniforms, the PMC soldiers can be free in the way they look because there are few restrictions on their style.
 3. A five-year journey: It took five years for the film to be revealed to the public. The producer wanted to make the bunker seem real, so he did a lot of work, drawing his own designs and making the bunker by using Legos. In addition, he met a military reporter to ask for advice and organized the movie based on reality for PMC’s work, their organizational systems and their combat style.
 4. The appearance of real mercenary actors: Putting emphasis on PMC’s reality, the director thoroughly planned all the settings from scenario progression to actors’ nationality, age, accent, and even tattoos. He also auditioned on actors with mercenary experience. As a result, most actors were able to maximize the sense of reality because they were so skilled that they didn’t have to get any action directing for guns and firearms.

 This movie will remind you of FPS (First-Person Shooter) games such as ‘Battle Ground’ and ‘Sudden Attack’. If you’re looking to kill time or for a survival-action movie, I highly recommend PMC: The Bunker, the most stylish film in Korea.

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