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 10 Tips for Studying English

Source of the Photographs: https://pixabay.com/ko
1) Listen to as much native English as possible. I recommend movies with subtitles, Ted Talks, podcasts, etc.
2) Think in English. Take some time to think about your day and the activities that you have done in English.
3) Read in English before bed. Reading will help you learn new vocabulary and grammar structures and how they are used in native English.
4) Take a conversation class during your vacation. You loss your English skills quickly so if you wait until next semester to start studying English again you will loose everything you learned during the last semester.
5) Make a foreign friend. If you have someone to talk to in English it will force you to practice your English.
6) Keep a daily or weekly journal. Write in your journal and do not worry about having perfect vocabulary or grammar. Just try to get your thoughts on to the page and enjoy writing in English.
7) Travel abroad. English is the world language, so if you don't travel to an English speaking country you will have a chance to practice English because most people in the travel industry uses English to communicate with the travelers.
8) Study abroad. Living abroad is the best way to study English. However, while living abroad it is also very important to make friends with people who don't speak Korean as their first language so that you are forced to practice your English.
9) Practice, Practice, Practice. As long as you keep practicing your English you will get better.
10) Be Brave. If you are shy you will never be able to improve your English skills.

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Christina Bromberg

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