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Best Movie of My Life
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 One of the most common hobbies these days is probably watching movies. Anyone can enjoy movies without much trouble, because no special knowledge or equipment is needed. I don't have much time these days, but I still like to watch movies. I think that anyone who loves movies has their own so-called "life movie." This is a film that leaves you deeply touched and with tears in your eyes regardless of public opinion. I think I have become interested in watching movies having an experience like this.

 When I was in the first grade of middle school, started to join after-school activities, but I was at a loss of what to do for the activities, because I didn't have any special interests or hobbies. I thought about my options and decided to join the movie club with my friends on a whim. The first movie I saw during the after-school movie group was, to be quite honest, boring from the start. An African-American boy uses violence to protect his friends, and finds himself in a juvenile detention center for his crime of violence. After getting out, the boy learns how to box and soon becomes a successful boxer. However, just as he is starting to be really successful, he is charged with murder and gets sentenced to life in prison after being framed by a detective. and being convicted by a racist jury. In prison he represses his anger and hatred and. writes a book about his life and situation, hoping to cause a reaction and thereby win his freedom. But his autobiography doesn’t catch much attention and gets forgotten. After a long time, another African-American boy happens to find his autobiography in some of used books and learns out his situation. Because of this, he starts a long legal battle with his Canadian friends for the innocence of the imprisoned boxer.

 This movie, "The Hurricane Carter," is my life movie. I couldn’t really appreciate the a rtistry of this film at the first grade of middle school when I watched for the first time, or even now. Honestly, I’d give this movie a ‘B+’. Directing is mediocre, plot is typical, and characters are hardly stereoscopic.
 However, I still think that Denzel Washington’s performance as the boxer Hurricane Carter is good. Nevertheless, I think that this film is my life movie, because I think the main character is in a situation where he knows there is little hope to win, but still fights. A situation like this is really touching to someone in middle school because I think we share many of the same emotions and challenges.

 Everybody faces difficult situations in their lives. But not all situations are equally fair. Some troubles are relatively easy to overcome, while others require a desperate struggle. I didn't learn how to deal with an obvious defeat. I felt angry and less motivated because I felt the rules were unfair but couldn’t just give up. I think this is one of the main reasons why I identified with the main character in this film so much. Thanks to that, I have been able to do my job with no hesitation even when I don't have much chance of winning. I'm looking forward to the obvious happy ending, like the miraculous ending if this movie. Actually, this film is based on the true story of Rubin Hurricane Carter, so sometimes it seems like a little miracles do happen in real life.

Lee Jae Ram

Dept. of Global Business Administration

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