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Landscape in the picture and Travel
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 When I was a 11 years old, I saw a picture in a magazine. I searched the Internet and found that it was a forest of Australia. The place was fantastic even in the pictures. And 10 years later, I still remember it as a fantastic place. I asked my mom to take me on a trip to Australia because of that photo.
 My mom found a good package tour and decided to go there during winter vacation. It was my first trip abroad, so I was very excited from one to ten. I was excited about making a passport and packing my bag. When I first packed my bag, I searched the internet for travel necessities and I even searched for ways to get on the plane. I wish my dad and my sister would go together, but only my mom went there with me. Because my dad had acrophobia, and my sister had to study to get into college. I wanted to see my sister and dad before I got on the plane but after that, I forgot the fact that my dad and sister couldn't go so I was excited.
I can't forget the smell when I arrived in Australia. There was a foreign smell. It was a different smell from our country. It was an unfamiliar smell. Because of that, It was so exciting to be in a new environment. I can't remember the weather there, but I guess it was warm and cool. My mom who hate cold weather said that she is so happy to come to Australia from cold Korea. I felt good because my mom was happy. We arrived in Canberra, Australia on the first day. And we went to the Canberra National Museum by bus. The Canberra National Museum has one of the 1001 buildings to see before death. Because there are many buildings that are displayed around history, there are many historical stories. So it was a little boring and boring for me. But the next day there was not boring and full of interesting things. The next day it took 3 hours and 30 minutes to get to Sydney by bus. Australia has a large land mass, so I felt I had to go for an hour even if I moved a little. Anyway, we arrived at Blue Mountain in Sydney. Blue Mountain was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. That fact made me feel so good, and the scenery in the magazine seemed to be here. The guide said that native people still exist here in Blue Mountain. The natives were singing with jembe at the observatory here. I loved the feeling that nature was alive and breathing. It was just nature itself. The evidence was that the indigenous people were living here. Just standing there made me feel better and I just wanted to lie down. And we also went to Fe