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Speech training with expertsHow to develop your speaking ability
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 In social life, the ability to speak is required in various situations because people often make presentations in public. Especially, when looking for a job, the number of PT interviews is increasing so the ability to speak is an essential requirement for college students. Therefore, the Communication Center at Gachon University is providing various programs that will help with employment and social life, as well as university presentation assignments. Among these programs, I would like to introduce speech training with experts.
 Speech training with experts is speaking education for students of Gachon University with speaking specialists who work in various fields. A total of three experts teach the PT Education with CEO Bene; PT Cha Yu-bin, Tuesday with IB Sports Caster Jeong Chan-woon and a former MBC announcer Yoon Chae-hyun. Monday's lecture begins on April 16, Tuesday on April 17, and Wednesday's class on April 11, with applications already completed. Monday's lecture starts on April 16, Tuesday's on April 17, and finally, Wednesday's class started on April 11 so lecture reservation is already finished. Participation is allowed for any student at Gachon University who wants to develop speech skills and it will be open from 5 to 7PM.
 The training is conducted on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays except for exam periods and holidays. The PT training on Monday and Tuesday's speech session can be applied simultaneously regardless of the number of times. It is also recommended that you prepare a PPT in advance for training with your personal laptop during PT training. Communication training will be conducted three times (parts 1, 2 and 3). Therefore, it is recommended that you listen to it in succession. In addition, you can apply for the first part one time, the first part two times and the first part one time, the second parts two times but you can’t apply for the first part one time, and the third part one time. Finally, each time the WIND opens separately, you can check carefully and apply for the preferred lecture. For further details, visit Gachon University's homepage or the Communication Center. The Communication Center is located in Vision Tower B206 and is available for both visiting and contacting. The phone number is 031-750-8781(2) and can be reached by e-mail too.
 Speaking ability is an ability to be used anytime, anywhere. Speaking skills can always be used in the presence of a few people, as well as at an important position in a company to announce your plans. Therefore, I hope that many Gachon University students will participate in speech training with experts and develop their speaking skill.

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