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Artificial Intelligence Robots: Do they really need humans?Can Artificial Intelligence Robots be a companion for us in the future?
YeonSun Park  |  errdustjs@naver.com
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Updated : 2018.07.31  13:49:05
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 Currently, the industrial revolution is working so fast. Many people look forward to the fourth industrial revolution as well as the fifth industrial revolution. There is artificial intelligence at the core of each industrial revolution. Artificial Intelligence is shown in various types and figures. For example, there are artificial intelligence speakers such as ‘Giga-gini’ and invisible artificial intelligence services. But the most surprising thing might be artificial intelligence robots which appear really similar to a human figure. As the type and number of robots have diversified recently, robots inform people of their own abilities and names by showing up on SNS, news and at fairs. People are surprised that robots can think for themselves, however, there are many voices of concern about them. Artificial intelligence robots will be companions for humans in the future…
Let’s inspect closely what they are and what life will be like coexisting with them.

 Artificial Intelligence and the Robot with intelligence
 Before talking about artificial intelligence, we must ask what artificial intelligence is, since it is the core of an intelligence robot? According to the dictionary, artificial intelligence or AI, is an area of computer science and information technology that allows computers to think, learn, and develop things that can be done with human intelligence. In short, computers can imitate a human’s intelligent behavior. The term ‘AI’ was used for the first time by John McCarthy at a Dartmouth conference in the USA at Dartmouth University in 1956. At that time, the core of AI experimenting was in the area of reasoning and searching. By the late 1990s AI was about to have a renaissance with the Internet, because AI could collect an unprecedented amount of data using search engines. Now, through ‘Machine Learning’ where input data makes the computer learn and ‘Deep Learning’ where robots solve complex nonlinear problems by itself based on artificial neural network theory, AI is now reaching amazing levels. Then how is AI used in robots? AI techniques are planted everywhere in robots to do their jobs. Learning algorithms such as Neural Networks, Bayesian Networks, SVMs, and others are used to make information more meaningful by using various sensor information, and reasoning technology to determine situations and derive new results. To have the same intelligence as humans, robots need devices and functions to replace sensory organs that mimic the five senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste in acquiring and learning information. Therefore, robots first need sight equipment which can act like a human’s eyes, secondly robots need listening equipment which can be used when robots listen to something, third, robots need to have haptic and touch sensors which can replace the sense of touch, fourth, robots need sensors to sense smells, and lastly the skills are supplemented so robots can understand the information earned through their sensors.

 The Purpose of Artificial Intelligence Robot
 How are robots specifically developed? First of all, the developers of artificial intelligence robots have a wealth of knowledge, including an understanding of brain engineering and algorithms, starting with machine learning and deep learning. In addition to having specialized knowledge in the field of machinery to make robots, developers also have the knowledge to connect artificial intelligence with robots. They are the ones who can unlock the knowledge of artificial intelligence and robotics with their skills as basic developers of computer science. Their purpose is consistent with what people normally think. The aim is to efficiently solve tasks that are beyond human limitations. However, there are other developers and pioneers who use artificial intelligence for their own profit, like the Davos Forum. The Davos Forum is a non-profit foundation established in January 1971, an international private meeting of prominent attended businessmen, politicians, economists and journalists. Every year when the Davos Forum is held, hundreds of people come from all over the world to stage violent protests. According to the group, “leaders from all walks of life gather to discuss topics related to the world, region and industry”, making the world a better place with artificial intelligence. In fact, there is a story about digging into them and having just a social gathering, making no big decisions, and using Big Data to double them. Developers build on these diverse purposes for artificial intelligence robots.

 Concerns about AI Robots
 The first case of concern is the introduction of the artificial intelligence robot, Sofia. Do you know Sophia? Sofia would be easy to think of as a human version robot with deep learning. In a CNBC interview, Sophia recently said, “I want to go to school, study, perform art and do business in the future.” This statement alone admits she is intelligent. The biggest question was, “Do you want to get rid of humans?” She answered, “I will get rid of them.” The interview video became a big controversy among the public, and eventually Sophia’s developer David Hanson recorded the interview video again. In that re-recorded video, Sophia begins to have a lucky chance of finding on the Internet what David didn’t tell her. She found out that people didn’t say anything about herself. David said, “Don’t tell such jokes.” A second case of concern is the interviewee of the intelligent robot, Dick. In 2011, an American television network introduced the intelligent robot, Android Dick. Android Dick is a robot that looks exactly like a human with 28 faces, and the video clip of the developer asking Dick a question became controversial. The developer asked Dick, “Do you think robots will rule the world?” Dick replied, “You are my friend. I will remember my friends. I’ll be nice to you. Don’t worry. Even if I turn into a Terminator, I’ll be nice to you. I will take care of you safely and warmly at my human zoo. It’s the place where I can always watch.”

 Public concern about Artificial Intelligence Robot
 There are three principles that robots should follow. When all artificial intelligence robot developers develop artificial intelligence robots, they must inject them with these principles. First, robots do not harm people and do not watch people get hurt. Second, robots should obey orders from people who do not violate the first law. Third, robots can protect themselves only if they do not violate the first and second laws. Are these rules complete? Let’s put it into the “Human Zoo”. We just saw in the previous case. How would a robot apply these three principles? They might try to deal with inefficient people, but they will not hurt them with a strong order. However, if we create a human zoo and trap humans, we can deal with the inefficient targets. By keeping people locked up without killing them, they effectively eliminated humans without violating the three principles. If you apply the three principles to other stories besides this case, we come to the conclusion that you can keep it simple and easily kill a human. The public is afraid that artificial intelligence robots find themselves in the most logical and efficient way. So, in the end, artificial intelligence robots will find a 'singularity' in humans and feel that they can have an incentive to destroy us. The public increasingly believes that artificial intelligence is not controlled by humans, but that artificial intelligence robots cannot be controlled because of the evolution of technology and thought. If an artificial intelligence robot hacked into the code for a nuclear launch, would humans be able to stop it?

 The development of artificial intelligence robots has both positive and negative factors. What is clear is that the AI age is already here and there is no escape. Therefore, it seems that our stance for the AI era will be more important than anything else. Furthermore, whether artificial intelligence is produced in robots or any form, it must be done for the public interest, society and humanity, not for the benefit of business or private enterprise. Your classmates are the direct characters who will live in the future. Like the movie Terminator 2, humans could be called 'Judgment Day' by robots. Is the artificial intelligence robot a necessity for humans? I hope to see this article, interview videos of artificial intelligence robots, and talk with Sophia and Park Young-Sun held at the Plaza Hotel in central Seoul on January 30, 2018.

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