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Our warm LAN cable father, Moon Jeong-ho voice actorMoon Jeong-ho, who gives warm comfort, encouragement and love to teens and 20s
Sim Kyu-Han  |  rbgks0103@naver.com
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Updated : 2018.04.04  22:47:17
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 At Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) YouTube, there are mostly mainstream women in their 20s or 30s, so the activity of a man in his 50s could be rather awkward. However, there is one person who is popular and loved by teens to 20s who characterize him as a father. The very man is Moon Jeong-ho, who runs "Dad ASMR." His videos are filled with warm smiles and sincere words like a friendly dad. His sincere videos are like a haven which awakens people’s emotions or sometimes gives comfort to tired hearts. I interviewed Moon Jeong-ho, who is loved by many sons and daughters (subscribers) as a ‘LAN cable father’.

 1. I think you started later than most people. Have you ever worried about starting too late?
 There is a saying: better late than never. I think this is correct. Before many people even begin something, they have anxiety about the future by questioning, ‘Can I do it now? or Will it work?’. We always think about the people ahead of us and don’t really see the potential we have. Of course, there is a difference between going fast and going slow but we are headed in the same direction with the same destination. Whether we arrive early or late, someday we will reach our destination. Therefore, you need not be uncomfortable seeing someone ahead of you. Rather, let’s investigate the footprints of the people who are ahead of us. If you look at the way they’ve come, you might notice what you lack. Being late can be a trigger for development rather than anxiety.

 2. Have your family or neighbors heard and evaluated your ASMR?
 My family always point out flaws in my ASMR video. It is a little painful to have your flaws pointed out by others, but frankly, it’s better if my family point them out. The flaws allow me to recognize myself making progress as I modify the wrong parts. My family also cheer and support me on my videos. My son is amazed and likes the fact that the person in the videos is his father.

 3. What direction will your ASMR head for? Or which direction would you like it to go?
 When I make an ASMR video, I try to make the video comforting, encouraging and cheerful. I think this is the most important thing when making an ASMR video. ASMR videos should give people comfort. In addition, I want to awaken the frozen sensibilities in people. I feel that many people challenge ASMR videos these days, but the increasing number of ASMR creators who make incendiary content or who only focus on the visuals, misunderstand the original purpose of ASMR. If you start making ASMR videos, I hope the thinking behind the ASMR videos is to give happiness to others, rather than ‘I’m going to be a star. I’ll get lots of subscribers’

 4. When you communicate with younger people, you might have heard the pain of the younger generation. What is the most memorable agony?
 I remember the story of daughter who was having a hard time because she didn’t really get along with her father. She talked to me about her problem; that she had lived like a stranger with her father for several years. Now, she is having a good relationship with her father. I feel happy that my counseling was a great help for her. There are many other stories of sons and daughters which remain in my memory. I have built new relationships, which is now my online family and includes many sons and daughters from their 10s to their 30s. Now, this family believes me and has talked to me a lot. Curently, I’m still counselling them with Kakaotalk, but I need to talk a lot more onwards.

 5. When you create ASMR content, what process is the ASMR video completed? 
 When I create ASMR content, I don’t think too much. The material for ASMR video is usually obtained from daily life. I obtain ideas through the object which I have seen by accident. And then I think how to use the object on a whim. The angle of shooting, the sounds of the object, and the stories are made whimsically, by my imagination, without script. So, sometimes I restart to record it because my video doesn’t suit me or the sound recorded strangely. Such cases can be very disappointing when they happen, but I recall the entire process of the video again and then I modify the shortcomings and complete the ASMR video.

 6. You said you wanted to communicate with the 1020 generations, what do you think is the biggest concern of the teens and 20s?
 While I counsel them about their problems these days, I feel that their worries are similar to those in my childhood. Teens have many concerns from a cute worry like ‘being tall’ to worries related to friends, family, and school work. Especially, there are many worries caused by parents. For example, comparisons like, “You go to several academies but you get very low grades while someone who lives next door gets high grades”; gives children a lot of stress. Many children also feel depressed because of a bad relationship with their parents. It is so pitiful that sons and daughters are hurt by seeing their parents’ fighting without considering the children. Main concerns of the 20s are academic problems, job worries, and love problems. Sometimes they tell me concerns about being a single mom. If I can afford to help single moms in the future, I would like to help them.

 7. Is there advice you want to give to blunt parents as a "LAN cable father" loved by many sons and daughters?
 I think everyone already knows the answer. But if I had to say anything, you should not see your children as an object of investment. If you only see your children in that way, you expect them to reward you as much as you invest. Such parents’ greed makes their children tired and hurt. When you raise your children, please consider their feelings and minds seriously. It is also a good idea to take time to reflect on your behavior as parents. In the future, you will know what kind of father or mother you will be remembered as in your children’s memories. Finally, I want you to have the courage to express to them frankly. It’s hard to do first, but you’ll be familiar about it soon. Saying things like “I love you, I like you, thank you, good job, you are pretty, I’m so happy with you, you are the best, I’m sorry." If you haven’t done it yet, it would be a good idea to start to say “I’m sorry” first.

 Moon Jeong-ho makes the videos, hoping parents will communicate more directly with their children and to express their true feelings rather than being blunt parents. Once, he had trouble with his children, however, they tried very hard to understand each other. So, his personal experiences in difficult times has brought sincerity to his videos. I hope Gachon University students also feel warm and comfortable while watching his heartfelt videos.

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