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No matter what they say, if I love myself, I can overcome the feeling of inferiority!!Recommend this musical to those who suffer from inferiority, Cyrano
Jang Ji-Young  |  95lovejy@naver.com
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 The feeling of inferiority can be a reason for growth or the downfall of someone. When Ji-Sung Park, a football player, was an elementary school student, he was smaller than other peer players, so he had a hard time suffering from inferiority. However, he tried his best every moment, until he was finally recognized by Guus Hiddink, and he could be a member of World Cup football team. What if Ji-Sung Park had not practiced because of his inferiority complex? He might not have achieved his dream. What kind of efforts are you making to overcome your feelings of inferiority? Or are you just living your live because you could not overcome that feeling? For those of you who live negatively and underestimate yourself, I want to introduce the musical; Cyrano. The main character is a man who feels of inferior to others due to the large size of his nose which prevents him from confessing his love to his lover.

 Cyrano is a poet who has literary talent and is a valiant swordsman as well. He lived in Paris, in the 17th century. He had loved a woman named Roxana for a long time. Cyrano feels inferiority because his nose is bigger than others so he cannot confess his love to her. It is an unbelievable fact that he has an inferiority complex because he has the strength to fight with 100 people and win and he can write wonderful poems, but still he has this inferiority complex. Roxana does not recognize Cyrano’s love and even confesses to Cyrano that she loves Christian by saying, “when I was alone, Christian’s smile consoled my soul.” Roxana does not know about Christian but fell in love with him at first sight by looking at his appearance. She did not notice Cyrano’s embarrassed face after he listened to her confession, and she even asks Cyrano to take care of Christian if Christian joins his army. Obviously, Cyrano gets frustrated.
 However, instead of Christian, who is not good at writing, Cyrano writes love letters. This is because Cyrano wants Roxana to be happy when she receives his letters. When De Kishu demands Roxana in marriage with a high hand, Roxana tries to escape from him and get married to Christian. At that time, Cyrano fights with De Kishu for her. When De Kishu gets to know about the marriage of Christian and Roxan, he sends Gascon troops where Christian and Cyrano are on a battlefield. Cyrano always writes love letters instead of Christian for Roxana. Also, Cyrano looks after Christian carefully so Christian does not get hurt. Roxana is touched by Christian’s letters, so she goes to a battlefield where Christian is in the face of danger. In a battlefield, Roxana tells her sincerity by saying “I started loving you because I loved your appearance, but now, I love your soul as well”. Listening to her speak, he tries to disclose that Cyrano wrote the letters instead of him, but he dies suddenly and cannot tell the truth.
 Because of Christian’s death, Roxana’s heart sinks, and she enters a nunnery. Even though Cyrano still loves her, he hides his heart and visits the nunnery at the same time and day, and he keeps her company. On the way to meet Roxan, Cyrano gets seriously wounded by the enemy. Even though Cyrano’s life is in danger, he goes to the nunnery for Roxana. As usual, Cyrano sits on a bench and tell her about the weekly news. Roxan recognizes that all the letters she received are from Cyrano by seeing Cyrano reading faded old Christian’s letters freely.
However, the wound is deep, so Cyrano dies, and his love is finished before it even gets started.
 This musical describes Cyrano as a cool guy who cannot approach a woman that he loves but cheers her love. But if we see him from different perspectives, Cyrano is a coward that cannot confess his love to a woman because of his weakness, a big nose.
 Cyrano could not challenge himself because he was overwhelmed with inferiority. What if he had tried to overcome it and get Roxana’s love? Maybe Cyrano could have got Roxan’s love, and the musical would end not in hopelessness but in beauty. You are better not to suffer from an inferiority complex like Cyrano but try hard to have self-respect. All efforts can come out when we love ourselves, so let’s always keep these words ‘I love myself!’ in our heart.

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