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hen a foreigner comes and speaks to you, can you answer their question properly even if you’re not fluent in English? There will be many people who respond to this kind of situation with, “Sorry, I don’t know”, because they don’t know what to say. Most of the conversation studies that I had before coming to university were only for a brief period of time in middle and high school. There is a helpful site for university students like me; <www.Freeenglishnow.com>. This website deals with grammar, words, English composition, listening and speaking, and especially focuses on speaking parts.
 This site has 16 lessons, including 147 speaking and listening activities, which run for two hours a day, five days a week, for a total of nine months of study. You can learn English systematically through the process of studying each lesson, including conversation, grammar, previous reviewing, and reviewing conversation. A conversation part is a process of speaking a given text and a recorded voice. For example, if you receive the sentence ‘I entered Gachon University last year’, it is divided into ‘I entered/Gachon University/last year’ and you can listen and mimic voice files by repeating each paragraph ‘I entered, Gachon University, I entered Gachon University, last year, I entered Gachon University last year.’ The voice files play the same paragraph twice. When you first hear it, the correct pronunciation of the native speaker comes out, and the second time you hear it, comes with a pronunciation that many students follow. When you finish studying the conversation, you review it. It summarizes the important words and sentences that have come out before and can be seen at a glance. Not only that, it is possible to solve simple problems with the contents of previous exams. Two or three important words are summarized in the present, past, and present-perfect forms of the word. For example, if the sentence ‘Excuse me’ appears, you can use examples that use, ‘Excuse me, can you tell me where the toilet is?’. And you practice speaking one sentence at a time without breaking the paragraph like you studied in the conversation part. In this process, you listen to the voice file that repeats each paragraph and speak it. Grammar studies come with easy grammar. For example, it tells how to distinguish a and an, present form of ‘be’ verb and general verb, past form, and various prepositional expressions. In the last part of the conversation review, it is similar to the conversation part course, but you learn to break the sentences into a little longer parts. For example, ‘I entered Gachon/University last year’. It is similar to the study of conversation except that the sentences are a little longer.
 The biggest advantage of this site is the repetitive learning system. This site allows one to learn sentences or terms by repeating the numerous examples until they become familiar. Also, because conversation is broken into a short paragraph, and the pronunciation of voice files does not only have perfect native pronunciation, but also the pronunciation that many students follow, students who are unsure of conversation can easily study. It will be helpful for students who don’t know how to practice conversation because they have a fixed curriculum. The name of this site is ‘FreeEnglishNow’. I hope that we can improve our conversation skills by completing the curriculum, like the name of this site.

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