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What Do You Think When You Hear the Word ‘Ad’?The Gwangjuri Club, Dankook University’s Advertisement Club, has the ‘ANSWER’.
Lee JooSeung  |  leejs9198@nate.com
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What Do You Think When You Hear the Word ‘Ad’?
The Gwangjuri Club, Dankook University’s Advertisement Club, has the ‘ANSWER’.
  Could you introduce yourself briefly?
  You can just talk about the Gwangjuri club and your position in it?
Hello? I’m Gang Gun, the 11th team leader of ‘Gwangjuri.’ The team leader’s job is to make schedules, incorporate    group ideas, hold conferences, and produce ads. However, usually a    group leader helps with these tasks when we prepare to exhibit we work in    groups. 

 Please introduce Gwangjuri, and its history and what it does.
   Our name stands for a round basket (Gwangjuri), and we try to include many people, as well as many ideas, just as a ‘Gwangjuri’ (round basket) holds various items. There is also a hidden meaning within the name that our club is for people who love ‘Gwang’-go ads and alcoholic drinks (酒—“ju”).
  The highest prize we have been awarded is the grand prize at Kobaco ad competition. We also have been recognized for work on a university student contest exhibit at Cheil, a university student contest exhibit at the Sport Chosun Ilbo, and a KT&G imagination contest.  We have also been awarded many other prizes awarded, small and big.Also, we have many club alumni that are very famous and working for advertising agencies. Inbok Lee is one of our most famous alumni, and he is also the founder of our club!
 What is the motto of Gwangjuri?
   Our   group doesn’t exist in   order to win the prizes at contests, but instead to   create a good family-like atmosphere for our members. We are more than just a club, and we always think of our teammates as family.
  Advertisement is often called an ‘Idea Battle’.  Where do you get your ideas, and what do you do to get inspired in your daily life?
Usually when we organize our ideas, we gather ideas for each team, and share what we think freelyWe regularly gather all the members of Gwangjuri to present each team’s ideas, and then we appraise them and give feedback openly. These methods help us to develop our personal ideas by taking in other’s opinions.
  We cooperate and endeavor not as individuals but as  groups. I think that ingenious ideas don’t pop out suddenly, so we start  from the basics and seek out interesting concepts that embody the objective of the advertisement.
 How do you prepare for competitions, and how do you make ads? Tell us about the process. How does ‘Gwangjuri’ share its workload, and how many people work together?
  When we begin preparing for a contest, we organize the students by experience and the school year of each member. Then I set a date to gather all of the members. Usually senior students become   group leaders, but we have open discussions and do not emphasize the term ‘ group leader.’ The  group leader’s responsibility is to make sure that the given task is completed by the deadline. Currently we have25 Visual Design major students in ‘Gwangjuri.’
 There are many advertising clubs at other universities. What makes ‘Gwangjuri’ special? What do people at Dankook University think about ‘Gwangjuri’?
  Every club has its own pride and features. 
First, I want to point out we encourage ‘A family-like mood,’ in our  group.
  Second, I think that we make great achievements and become successful because we socialize and enjoy what we do. Our main goal isn’t about winning the prize, but enjoying our club activities to the fullest.
  Third, I must not forget to mention our senior members who have already graduated. Even though they have graduated, they don’t forget about us and often give us good advice about work and help us.  
  I don’t know what the university thinks of us because we are just a club that exists within our department. But we are really famous in the department of Art.
 I think this would be last question. What do you want to say to students who try to
 work in the advertisement business?
  I don’t think I am in the position to talk about this kind of topic yet, but if I were to say something I would say this, “Do whatever you think is important, and do it without remorse and never hold back.” It’s always good to prepare yourself for the future, and now is the time that you can accomplish everything you want to. So go out there and grab it!
  And personally I really want to make advertisements that truly inspire and move the people in my life. Thank you!!


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