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Hawaii premium course for my own story
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 I’m a senior college student who entered university in 2012 and people satirize me as an ammonite. “Gachon Hawaii premium course” is the most beautiful, keen and memorable recollection of my college life. I describe it as my “brilliant pearl”.
 A pearl is made over a long period of time. My life in Hawaii was just like that. I established 2 goals before going to Hawaii. The first one was voluntary service and the second was to make a Hawaii Buddy Program. I learned how to work through voluntary service and I learned about management by creating the Buddy Program.
 While I was working in a hospital as a volunteer, I dreamt an “American dream” and experienced American working life. The United States thinks sincerity, diligence, ability, tolerance and generosity are the best virtues. I worked like an “intern” in a hospital’s accounting team as I was a volunteer representing Korea. I volunteered 6 hours daily after finishing my lunch. Sometimes I was confronted with the language barrier as I was a foreigner, but I overcame the limitations and worked ceaselessly. All I wanted to hear was “Korean hard worker”. With the mindset, “if I were to work only once, I would do it properly”, and I could manage to finish the 2 months work in only 2 weeks. My main work was clerical work which was not so hard for me but everyone avoided doing it. I was indispensable for them since I could do my work well. One day, a new intern came from another team. The new intern was new to the accounting team so he needed twice the amount of time to finish the same work. At that time, my manager said, “Nick (my name) works 2 times faster, ask Nick if he can do it.” I was thrilled. My pearl was in the process of being made during this event. On the last day, going back after farewell with colleagues they gave me letters and some gifts. In the letter, I could feel the emotions of what they felt and thought of me during the short period of time. That day, burning tears rolled down on my cheeks.
 The Hawaii Buddy Program was a chance for me to learn project marketing and project design. Making foreign friends is the hardest part when I studied overseas, so I tried to find a Contact Point after promoting works. Hanwoori Club is the university club for students who have an interest in Korean culture. I finally found this club after trying so hard for 1 whole month. I went there and explained the “Buddy Program” which has the pure purpose of Korean cultural exchange. The administrator accepted my suggestion and it was adopted quickly. I did the process design and marketing on my own, so it was an opportunity for me to get management experience. Through the Buddy Program, I could talk to American friends a lot and enjoy American student culture. My pearl started to shine then.
 On the day I left, I saw Pearl Harbor out the window of the airplane. In the airplane, when I was coming back to Korea after achieving my 2 goals, beautiful Waikiki beach and memories about the last 4 months passed by in my mind. I have made “the pearl which has my own story” in Hawaii where there are real pearls.


Dept. of Healthcare Management

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