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Let’s look into various Residential College programsCLEAN UP program of Gachon University’s Residential College
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  Gachon University’s second dormitory was established recently and began to accommodate students. Gachon University’s dormitory is called the Residential College, or ‘RC’ for short. The name Residential College originated in prestigious universities of England and America. RC is not just a dormitory for the students to live in but also a place for various activities that can help students grow. RC helps students’ overall growth by offering various educational programs to students after school.

 Gachon RC has many global RC programs. They are also known as C.L.E.A.N Up programs. C.L.E.A.N is an abbreviation of ‘Community, Liberty, Education, Admiration and Novelty’. The aim for this program is to help purify the students’ mind and body. There are RC athletic competitions and R-cycle programs. The RC athletic competition is for all the students who live in the dormitory and it is scheduled for October. It is expected to help develop RC culture and cooperation through various programs such as soccer, basketball, quizzes and relays. The students are divided into 5 teams by the floors they live on. The winning team will be given a prize. R-cycle is the abbreviation for RC and Cycle, and it is the program that lends bicycles to students on the campus. There are 10 bicycles each for the first and the second dormitory. Students who live in the dormitory can borrow bicycles if they visit the administration office of the dormitory and fill up a form. The rental time for the bicycle is from 9 AM to 8 PM. 

 The “RC open house program” is for the Liberty program. The purpose of the program is to share cultures among dormitory students. It is currently planning to make programs that are related to students’ hobbies or specialties. The Education program is for developing broader knowledge through discussions. There is an RC Tutoring program in the Education program. The RC Tutoring program is the program in which a tutor and a tutee make a team and study on a subject that they are both interested in. Topics may vary by their majors, their hobbies, or their language. The Admiration program is for building upright personalities by helping each other. The Arumsaem program is part of the Admiration program. The Arumsaem program is for students with good character and who are active volunteers. All students who live in the dormitory can participate in the program. The students in the program will help or participate in volunteer programs in the campus, clean up the campus and help with the security education program.
 Finally, the Novelty program is for assisting students to become more pioneering and creative.

The G – Pioneer program is for the Novelty program. The G-pioneer program aims to train global experts. Students, who have no record of disqualifications and are able to travel to other countries, may organize teams and plan their global travel. One team should have at least 4 members. The team participating in the program should hand in their travel plans and some of the teams selected will receive a prize and money for their trips.
 Gachon University’s dormitory provides students with various global RC programs. Students can develop and build up good memories with friends by participating in CLEAN Up programs while living in the dormitory. Plus, some of the students participating may receive a scholarship. The Global RC program and the second dormitory are expecting to get a lot of attention from students.

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