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It was literally unforgettable
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 In my three and half years of college life, the most pleasant experience was a month of time in Spain. It was literally unforgettable. A month is not very long but it was enough for me to meet and make many friends and memories.
 My journey didn’t go smooth at first. I stopped at Guangzhou, China and the stopover should not have taken more than four and a half hour. But because of the bad weather, my flight got delayed. As a result, I had to stay at the airport for about 9 hours. At the time, I didn’t know how long I would have to wait. It was a nightmare. Guangzhou Airport is quite small and there was no Wifi service, so I couldn’t do anything. The only thing that I could do was to eat some expensive pizza. In the airport, one glass of milk cost 10000 won, so I would say the pizza was a clever choice. Anyway, I met a friend, who booked the same flight and had the same delay. At first, we didn’t know that we went to the same school, but we found out after some talk. We met each other on some programs and we hung out all the time in Spain.
 When I arrived at Barcelona after a long flight, I was very tired and I looked really terrible. My hair was so greasy and my clothes were a bit dirty. So, I was nervous about making a good first impression when meeting my home-stay family for the first time. Despite my concerns, my homestay mother welcomed me and my roommate warmly, saying, ‘Hola!’ (It means ‘hi’ in Spanish). She carried our luggage to her house. At that time, we were so exhausted that we appreciated her welcoming. My home-stay mother lived with her daughter and there were 4 guests including me and my roommate. One of them was from California and had participated in an internship at Barcelona, and the other one was a Korean student from another school and she studied with us at UAB. Both of them spoke Spanish fluently. At that time I could only say ‘Hi, my name is Hongjoo from Korea’ in Spanish, so they helped me to communicate with my home-stay mother. She couldn’t speak English that it was quite hard to communicate with her, but she tried hard to talk and understand me. She was a good cook. I loved her sandwiches for lunch. Especially basil and ‘jamon’, which is Spanish ham, and above all, tomato sandwiches, which were my favorite! Also, she cooked various dishes for dinner like Spanish omelets with potato, roasted chicken and croquette. Almost every dinner, I took a picture of our dinner table to show off to my friends. My home-stay mother really appreciated how I took photos of her dishes.
 I studied at the University of Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB) city campus located in the center of Barcelona. It only took 20 to 30 minutes to go to school by subway. I loved the UAB city campus not just because of the location but also for its fabulous building design. The campus building was really beautiful, so we could see some tourists visiting our campus. And the classes were academically inspiring and the teachers were really brilliant. The teachers taught us with a systemic course schedule and cared about all students individually. Most importantly, the classes were really fun. We sang Spanish songs and played games. So, after one month of the program, my language ability in Spanish improved a lot.
 After the class, together with my friends, we traveled to Barcelona. There were so many places to visit in Barcelona that I wished to look around the city every day. There just was not enough time to look around the whole city. Architecture of Gaudi, paintings by Picasso and the old parts of the city were too beautiful and terrific. Food-wise, Spanish cuisine and drinks made my everyday life happy. Finding delicious and famous restaurants gave me pleasure. On weekends, I went to Barcelona beach or a suburb of Barcelona. Even though so much time has passed since then, I still miss the summer in Barcelona. I still keep in contact with friends I met in Barcelona, too. It was a great fortune and I really appreciate having such a great time. I am really happy that I got to spend 1 month in Spain with my dearest friends enjoying beautiful sites of exotic Barcelona in summer. 

Jeon Hongjoo

Dept. of Law


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