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Upper-classman is introducing how to conquer Cyber CampusThird campus, Cyber Campus
Park Mi-Jung  |  xxxmi1202@daum.net
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Updated : 2017.03.16  17:09:57
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  As the new semester begins, many students attend various lectures. There is a special campus among the services provided by Gachon University. It is Cyber Campus; the third Campus. The Cyber Campus is a new LMS (Learning Management System) program that supports online learning of all regular/irregular courses at Gachon University. There are two ways to access Cyber Campus. The first way is by downloading the mobile application called ‘cosmos’ or ‘coursemos’ in google play for Android users or in app store for ios users. From there, search for Gachon University. Another way is to directly enter the link or URL (http://cyber.gachon.ac.kr/) after logging into the school website or the website you mainly use. Let's find out more about Cyber Campus.

  Let's take a closer look at the two ways to access that I have mentioned above. First, after logging into the mobile app, you can check lecture updates, submission deadline updates, bachelor / course / personal schedule in main page. For other main functions, it provides a highly reliable mobile video service, advancement process, play speed control, and repeating selected section. Also, it provides messenger to send texts between individual users, and provides online evaluation, survey, and evaluation function of lecture in mobile learning.

  Next, there are class menus: course list and announcements, course icon: outline of each class and progress, personal menu: note, alarm, and profile, schedule. There is a classroom menu: lecture list, learning activities, grades and attendance, team management, student message, and more. Classroom information and outline: lecture information, class schedule, announcements and Q & A, lecture outline, etc.
  Now, what is the advantage of this cyber campus? Cyber Campus is an immediate user interface that anyone can easily access, and supports various online learning activities such as discussions, quizzes, surveys, chat rooms, etc. In addition, you can check your learning status, and easily learn lectures anytime, anywhere, via mobile web or application. It also gives push alarms to help students not miss new learning activities (announcements, assignments, tests, etc.).
  Overall, Cyber Campus has various advantages. A student who actually used Cyber Campus (Lee So Lin, Department of Energy IT, class of ‘16) said, "I can check the progress status and download data anytime. It was helpful because I could submit assignments online. I received A+ in class which I took in Cyber Campus." She was very satisfied with using Cyber Campus. If you use Cyber Campus, you will be able to receive higher grades and learn more easily. I hope many Gachon students will start using Cyber Campus through this article.

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