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Famous quotes of my life.
Kang Dong-Woo  |  dwoo0105@naver.com
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  Words have power. An experiment was recently conducted that demonstrates such an effect; two bottles were filled with a handful of rice for four weeks. One bottle has to listen to the words, “I can do it”, and the other bottle has to listen to “I’m so irritated”. After four weeks the rice in the bottle listening to “I can do it” has become fragrant white yeast, whereas the bottle listening to “I’m so irritated” has decayed with a smell of stench. This same effect influences people as well. Our life changes depending on the words we hear and say. In this 132nd Edition of Campus Talk we're going to take a look at some of the important quotes that Gachonians value. What are some of the words that help sustain Gachonians ' lives?

  Go Seo Nu (Fire engineering and equipment, ‘16)
  ‘Nothing can win happy thoughts’. Being happy means appreciating everything and living positively. I believe that nothing can alter a happy and positive attitude in life because it not only affects me in a positive way, it also affects those around me.

  Park Tae Hyung (Global Business, ‘16)
  ‘Be a memorable character.' It's not about being a person who parades around in unrivaled existence like a hero or a famous person, rather it's about being a person who is a helper and an assistant who aids the great heroes and men around them. I believe that we live in this world not alone but together. Of course, it is difficult to leave a positive impression in every possible situation but I believe that it's even more difficult to be memorable to a few. Just like the phrase, "Coincidence will become destiny, and later become fate”, if we greet each other cordially and help others, I believe we can live through the future as great partners.


  Jeong Won Jae (Electrical Engineering, ‘15)
  ‘The world is made exactly the way that we think it will be’. If someone is full of confidence, I believe it's a result of ‘how much one thinks positively.' I agree with one of the religious sayings, "One becomes happier as they believe in it." As such, I’ve been trying to think more positively in my daily life.

  Han Hae In (Composition, ‘13)
  ‘A man who knows values is courageous’. I believe that figuring out is important in my life comes before routine play and study in college life. Once we know our own values, we can become courageous enough to tackle any difficult tasks that come before us.

  Park Jae Kyu (Energy IT, ‘11)
  ‘Do it until the very end’. Just like the phrase, "The end of every job should be done well", I think we can’t achieve our goals without doing our best until the very end. Because the result is often the only thing that people are able to see, nothing is achieved if the results are bad.

  Ban Hye yun (Healthcare Management, ‘14)
  "We all Win." I think the world is filled with competitive spirits and we are constantly try to win over one another. I think the following translated phrase; "We can all win if we strive to unite", bluntly criticizes the cold-hearted world and bestows courage upon all of us. I firmly believe that, rather than working alone, working together as a group leads to a more effective outcome.

  Jeon Hye Yeon (Food Science & Biotechnology, ‘16)
  "Let’s enjoy whatever we do." I believe that doing things with a positive attitude produces better results than doing things with anger. It's important to finish given tasks perfectly, and I believe that this 'perfection' is the result of positive thinking and it positively engages 'me' in the work.

  Kim Yeong To (Urban Planning, ‘12)
  "A bird that flies higher can see farther." I think people who have a lot of experience in various fields can achieve greater success. I believe that the more knowledge we have through various experiences, the better we are at completing big tasks. This path eventually leads us to success.

  Lee Seung Kyu (Urban Planning, ‘12)
  "Be a trustworthy person to others." ‘Trust’ seems to be the most important thing in personal relationships with friends, co-workers and others. Based on my experience, I believe that if I become a ' trustworthy person', then there will be more opportunities and chances for me to succeed.

  Im Ye Seul (Software, ‘16)
  "Today’s difficulties are just the past in the future." When I was in middle and high school, I experienced many difficult days due to problems with friends, school grades, and family. Then I ran into this phrase and it left an impression on me. When I first saw this phrase, I wondered, "Will it really be?" However, a few years later, I finally understood its true meaning. Since then I have repeated this phrase to myself every time I have run into trouble, and I actively share it with my friends when they are in trouble too. Every time that I remember this phrase, I feel much better and actually feel lighter - liking having a burden removed from my shoulders.

  Kang Ji Won (Energy IT, ‘16)
  "Why not change the world!" I feel as though there's nothing I can't do if I give my full effort with complete faith in myself. There's nothing I can't change in this world if I carry on trusting in myself, even if it seems impossible at first. 

  As you can see, 'words' sustain our lives. They help us to recognize the current 'I' with the experiences of the past, and helps us to remove the uncertainties of the future. The reason why these ‘words’ are so precious is because they’re always with us and they never fail to give us whole-hearted advice. Sometimes they whip us, but sometimes they cheer us up with warm-hearted counsel. If you don't have any 'words' yet, why don't you create some words today and carry them with you in your daily life?

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