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Find the Secret in the total information system!The Four Hidden Services
Park Mi-Jung  |  xxxmi1202@daum.net
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Updated : 2016.12.27  16:32:18
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  We frequently use the Gachon website. But we only use very limited services such as e-class, academic administration, and the course registration system. Of course these services are useful, but there are hidden services which can give unexpected help to students. I would like to introduce four services in this 132 edition of Brief.
  The first service is Web-mail. Web-mail is an online mail that you can use everywhere if your computer is connected to the internet. After you are log in, click the Web-mail icon next to the search bar. Your web-mail address is ‘your ID@gc.gachon.ac.kr’. You can manage other E-mails using the ‘allow outside mail’ service, and there is a ‘blocking spam and virus’ service as well.
  The second service is Web-hard. Web-hard offers massive storage so you can easily share data and save safely without any portable storage device. After logging in to the website, you can find the Web-hard service under the community bar menu. The storage capacity is 5GB and main functions are link-mail, to send e-mails with many attachments, and guest folder, to share folders to other guest users. If you have any questions, refer to the user manual or call and ask at 031-750-6119.
  The third service is café. Café offers a cyber communication space where you can share information and one’s interests. Café service is also under the community bar menu. There are many café named after the course name because Café’s common purpose is to share information. The sub-functions are to provide announcement notice, free bulletin board, reference data, discussion space, photo album, calendar, and etc.
  The last service is called homepage square. Homepage square/homepage builder provides services where anyone can make their own homepage easily without professional expertise. Homepage square is under the community menu like the web-hard service. Homepage square provides functions such as announcement notice, website recommendation, website search, creating website, and user manual. In the website recommendation, there are pharmacy websites for Medical campus, financial accounting website, and ROTC website. You can refer to five different templates when you are making your website under the creating website service. If you have any difficulties, refer to the user manual for a detailed explanation.

  There are other websites where you are charged for using these four services that I introduced. You might have missed and used other websites for these services because it was hard to find them when you first use this website. I hope that Gachon students will use these services on the school website when needed. After using these services and providing feedback on what to improve, your colleagues will be provided more convenience and useful services by Gachon University.

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