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Playing life with the fluteAn emerging flutist, Yun-Hwa Song, Department of Orchestral Music, class of ‘98, Kyungwon University
Lee Ye-Jin  |  thakd1892@daum.net
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  In elementary school we experience playing several instruments like the tambourine, cymbal, xylophone, recorder ocarina, and danso. In music class, some people simply pass the time, while others play for their future. Our story is about a person who played for their future and after graduation, discovered her dream. She was in the Department of Orchestral Music, class of ‘98, Kyungwon University. Her name is Song Yun-hwa. Let’s listen to her story from the first meeting.

  1. Why did you decide to learn the flute? 
  When I was in the 4th grade, I had a chance to learn how to play the recorder. My interest in the recorder grew while I was playing popular songs. In the next grade, l learned to play a danso. My friends found it hard to play it, but for me, the sound came out loud and clear. My uncle played the flute for a hobby and I thought it looked really cool, so I played it and discovered that the sound was very nice. My talent happened to be revealed in a class at elementary school. This is why I started playing the flute.

  2. What do you think is the attraction of the flute?
  A flute sound comes half from air and half from sound. Other wind instruments like the oboe or trumpet are played only by air. But the flute’s sound is played through a tube. It has a natural sound. I think the flute is more charming than other wind instruments.

  3. You have experience living abroad. What was the hardest thing about living overseas? 
  Music is like having a mental fight with yourself. So practicing was a kind of suffering because music is a struggle with oneself. The most difficult thing was being homesick. There was no one by my side; no friends or family when I went through hard times. That was the hardest thing.

  4. Many people say music is difficult to succeed in and that there are few places to servive in Korea. Do you have any advice for students majoring in music?
  Generally, people say that music is for wealthy people. I think this makes students more nervous about putting their feet into the world of music. Whenever they have hard times, they think “music is for a wealthy person.” Eventually this is an excuse. All professions and work are all hard. You should consider your way and stick to one thing.

  5. You played the flute containing oriental beauty and Korean beauty. Why did you decide to play the beauty of Korea?
  I knew that Professor Beak was an excellent composer. I thought it would be meaningful to play his music. The music I played at a concert in Berlin was very Korean styled, but I wanted to add more Korean features to the concert. Therefore, I wore a hanbok and played with my shoes off.

  6. You said “music is a struggle with oneself”. How did you get out of your slump? 
  Practicing was very hard. Sometimes I just wasn't able to endure it any longer. Maybe I succeeded five times, but only after I had failed more than 500 times. I tried to meet a lot of people because practicing music mostly makes me feel alone. Usually, I met people with good mental health condition and who ate delicious food. I got good vibes and energy from these people. In general terms, I got energy from colors, tastes, and words of comfort and encouragement

  7. What is your final goal?
  My final goal is simple. My aim is ‘eating well and living well’. I just try to live faithfully every moment. I want to take care of my family and love them. I also want to live my life to the fullest, learning and enjoying the life I have. Sure, I have to practice very hard and prepare for my future, but if I’m well prepared I feel opportunities will follow. I want to do as much as possible.

  8. Do you have any advice or comments for Gachon students?
  Gachon University is truly a good school and will become better than now. As long as the school continues to support students, you should try to polish the basics and continue to learn new things. Secondly, you should meet people who have a healthy mind. Then you can also become pure minded. However, the most important thing is to prepare to catch any chances you might have while consistently working on developing yourself.

  We have listened to the story of Yun-hwa Song, who plays a beautiful life. What is the dream that will make your life beautiful? Some students have already decided on their future but others are not sure what their dreams are. Listen for the advice given in this article: Meeting people who have a clear mind, and constantly prepare to catch chances that might come to you. No matter how challenging the situation is, just try it out. Then start all over again to become one step closer to your dream. Find your own dream and play your life like Yun-Hwa Song!

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