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“Lee Kang-Soon, I am your star”Romantic fantasy musical leading to fantasy and experience, To my boyfriend
Eom Jin-A  |  eom6268@nate.com
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Updated : 2016.12.23  20:46:18
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  Recently insocial media, Entertainment programs like 'Ice and Fire of Youth’ and 'Two Yoo Project Sugarman', and the drama series ‘Answer me (1997, 1994, and 1988)’, you can see there is a craze in programs that recall forgotten memories. We have many recollections about our favorite junk food and games, but we can't forget about the internet fiction, 'in-so'. Internet fiction is what we stay up all night reading in books and on our phones. Among them, one famous one titled, 'My Amazing Boyfriend', became a musical. Let's see how the characters are organized in reality, and find out the commonalities and differences compared to the original.
  The musical, 'To my boyfriend', ran from August 5th to September 11th, 2016.The location was the 'Orient Art Theater, #3', located nearby Hyehwa Station. It cost 50.000won per person. It may feel expensive, but you can get a student or employer discount and enjoy it for less than 20,000~30,000won.
  First, let's briefly learn about the outline of  'To my boyfriend'. Lee Kang-Soon, and Gwon Eun-Hyeong are a long-term couple who have been together more than 1,000 days. He still loves her, but she is steadily losing interest as he becomes a delinquent boy. As she gets tired of him, a new handsome student named Park Seung-Hyun comes to her school and they become attracted to each other.I n the end, she breaks up with Gwon Eun-Hyeong, and starts to date Park Seung-Hyun. However, she soon finds herself always looking for Gwon Eun-Hyeong and realizes that her true love is him. Gwon Eun-Hyeong nevertheless continues to treat her coldly and Choi Bo-Ram, who is wicked and also loves Gwon Eun-Hyeong, creates countless obstacles to prevent them from getting together again. They eventually get together, but Lee Kang-Soon soon realizes that Gwon Eun-Hyeong is suffering from severe lung cancer and that he only has a few days to live. With a few days left to live, they build up their own memories and she lets him go without saying, 'I love you'.
  Let's look into the musical, 'To my boyfriend'. As much as it is a musical, and despite it being mostly composed of music, I felt it was more exciting than the original fictional story. Also, as famous lines in the fiction were described in song, it left more of an impression. The overall story was the same as the original, but there were some dramatizations. For example, the scene of Park Seung-Hyun and Lee Kang-soon getting closer was sublimated by humor. I also liked the way they induced response and participation using not only the front of the stage but also behind where the audience was sitting. They tried to put most of the original story into the musical so it was sometimes hard to recall the original one in particular scenes. If you haven’t read the original fiction, you might feel lost.
  After high school graduation and the start of life as an adult, we go into university or get a job. But starting this life, without realizing what adult life is, needs the experience of hard times and the yearning for old friends. And the harder we get run over by society, we might be easily sunk by memories like, "We had so many hardship...", or "I want to go back to the time when..." Likewise, the word, 'memory' forever gives us the feeling of touch and a yearning in our hearts. After wards, these hard times will also become a memory, a yearning for the beautiful youth of our 20’s. Why don't we soak in the memories of our days at school by watching the musical with friends or lovers, and leave out the worries of jobs, studies, and the future?

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