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  Tsinghua University, one of the most distinguished universities in China, with a faculty of almost 7,000, 20,000 students in the undergraduate program, 6,000 in Masters, and 3,000 in PhD. Programs. Tsinghua University finalized an accord with Gachon University for the purpose of promoting education, research, information exchange, joint sponsorship of academic workshops, exchange students and professors on January 9th, 2003.
  Tsinghua University was established in 1911 as ‘Tsinghua hak-dang (a village school)’ to educate Chinese students who were planning on studying abroad in the United States. After going through multiple reorganization processes, Tsinghua University was finally formed as a ‘University System.’ Now, the university is almost 40 million pyeong (1 pyeong= 3.3058 m2) in size and is currently running 19 colleges and 55 academic departments. Tsinghua University shows a strong trend in the rise of various science and engineering colleges including fundamental science and engineering such as the College of Built Environments, College of Mechanical Engineering and unique colleges such as the College of Space Aviation and College of Civil Engineering. Additionally, Tsinghua University has 50 research centers and 170 labs, and is currently putting in the effort to build more. Major buildings at Tsinghua can be divided into ‘the main building’, which holds many classes in science and engineering for the department of mechanical engineering, computer engineering, math and others; and ‘Tsinghua Science Park’ which houses almost 400 international companies that have moved in to supervise various academic programs between the international companies and students at Tsinghua. Additionally, Tsinghua Garden, also known as Gong ZiTing (H-shaped house) because of its architectural style, and Sui Mu Tsinghua, which means ‘clear water and trees surrounding Tsinghua’, make the university feel at harmony between the past and the present.

  In order to apply to Tsinghua University, students must have attended a university that has entered in an MOU with Tsinghua, for more than one year. Application includes a letter of recommendation from the Exchange Program Office from the student’s home university, completed foreigner’s application form for admission to visiting/exchange program of Tsinghua University, original school records, and a photocopy of the applicant’s passport. Those who are applying to the School of Arts and Design, must include a portfolio of 6 photographic design artworks. Admission is held twice a year. Applicants must apply between October 15th to November 30th for the spring semester, and March 15th to April 30th for the fall semester. All students going through their undergraduate or graduate program can apply to their related department in Tsinghua University. The most unique program is the Chinese Language Program offered by ICLCC (International Chinese Language & Culture Center). The program is 18 weeks long, Monday to Friday, for four hours a day. International students can select and apply to either beginner's, intermediate or advanced class depending on their language level. The program offers not just Chinese speaking and writing but HSK consulting, Chinese culture and Chinese neologism.

  Tsinghua University offers on-campus dormitory rooms to international students apart from the Chinese student dormitory. Dormitories for international students are divided into three rooms; single occupancy which costs approximately 80 yuan per day, double occupancy, which is most common and shared bathroom and two bedroom type for four. The pros are that the multiple choice allows students to select housing based on their needs and circumstances, however their selected dormitory may be far from the class rooms due to the sheer size of Tsinghua University. As such, to students at Tsinghua, transportation equipment like a bicycle is a must.

  For more information about Tsinghua University, please visit Tsinghua University’s website (http://www.tsinghua.edu.cn). Unfortunately, the website is not available in Korean. However, you can download pamphlets for exchange students in both Chinese and English. Also, students can meet Tsinghua University in real time through SNS services that communicate with students both within and outside of China.

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