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How much do you know about the CTL program?Center for Teaching & Learning and introduction of a support program.
Jin Ju-Young  |  jin970501@naver.com
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ne of the main things that college students are probably concerned about is managing credits. Gachon University has a variety of programs that you may not know a lot about. For instance, the programs that help students become better academically. I would like to introduce one of the learning programs that is supported by the Center for Teaching & Learning.
The Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) is an organization that conducts research for the development of teaching methods of professors with the intent of improving the learning opportunities of students. The CTL is located in the Bio-Nano department which has facilities dedicated and equipped for flipped-learning and media production, and various consulting rooms for teaching, a teaching and learning programs lounge, and an E-learning program.
 First, the study support program has three different tutoring programs: Learning Community, Peer Tutoring, and Global Tutoring. This is where students can learn how to make study groups by themselves. This is a program that can help them study their subject and prepare for certification tests. Learning Communities study for at least 14 hours for seven weeks, submit weekly study reports and must participate in the orientation and conference. Students who complete these activities will receive 100,000 won and the best teams will be awarded with a certificate and cash prize in the president's name. The Tutoring program is divided into two parts; the Peer Tutoring and Global Tutoring programs. Peer Tutoring is for students with learning difficulties in their majors and want to get tutoring from peer students. The Global Tutoring program is where Korean students help foreign students. These are beneficial programs that help students and foreigners form a human network in the global society including increased learning opportunities.
 The second topic is the E-learning support program, which is supported by the lesson development center. The E-learning program has two programs that provide cyber lectures and training materials including "image class materials" and "open course ware" (OCW), and which are available to anyone. OCW production is used not only for the production of new intramural class materials but also for re-filming of material for existing subjects that need updating. The new productions can then be uploaded to the public site (KOCW).The aim of productions from video classes is to increase student understanding of course content and further, to provide a service that is a practical means of improving the quality of education.
  As mentioned above, Gachon University has started a variety of learning programs for students, including learning portfolio production support program, TA program, and easy-to-learn video production and editing. Students who have actually participated in the program report a very high satisfactory rate of students. For example, Jang Ji-Young of Tourism Management (2015) participated in the program and said, “I am involved in this program with a lot of the students from my department. Usually, we go to cafes to study but it costs a lot of money and is very difficult to concentrate. But the learning cell is quiet and gives the advantage where each group is able to use a different study room. Plus, we feel at ease with this learning community because of the fact that we must submit a learning report every week.” She had a positive view and experience with the program and highly recommends it. As you can see, through these programs there is a lot of information that can be obtained not only directly but also indirectly as well. By taking advantage the CTL program you will improve your chances of improving your grades and getting a scholarship?
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