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Looking for my Best Color!Looking for my color; a personal color experiment
Eom Jin-A  |  eom6268@nate.com
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Updated : 2016.09.22  15:53:30
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  Everyone has had the experience of buying clothes online or while eye-shopping. However, after shopping, these clothes often don't match you, especially if you are a woman. Women buy cosmetics after watching programs such as Get it beauty or beauty YouTube channels, where they recommend good makeup. I agree that the process of trial and error is a natural way to try and find the right make-up and coordination for yourself. However, we are living in our 20s when we are in the prime of our youth. I don't want to waste precious time searching for the right color of clothes and cosmetics that suit me. So, in this issue, I'll introduce 'personal color experience' which is the program that shows which coordination, color, and mood is suitable for you. So, let's take a trip to find our own beauty.

  1. What is a personal color?
  Personal + Color. Personal-Color is the natural color that you are born with. 
  The following definition is how the Naver dictionary defines personal color; Personal-color is a color that harmonizes with your body making you alive. When harmonized with your body, it makes you look alive. If not, it makes your skin look rough and heavy. So being aware of your body-color is an effective way of managing your image.

  2. Ways to experience personal-color
  Personal color experience is divided into self-diagnosis and expert-diagnosis. Firstly, self-diagnosis' benefit is that you can do it at home without any consulting cost. However, it is often inaccurate. On the other hand, expert-diagnosis is diagnosis that experts do. With this approach you can get a more accurate diagnosis. However, it takes some doing due to the costs and pre-reservation. Between those two diagnoses, The Gachon Herald Reporters were personally diagnosed by experts.

  3. How to reserve and lists to prepare before expert-diagnosis.
  Personal Color diagnosis is largely divided into 4 types, 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, and 5:1. To explain it more specifically, it is up to the number of the patients. 1:1 is 12~15 thousand won, 2:1 is 9~10 thousand, 3:1 is 7~8 thousand, and 5:1 is 4~5 thousand won per person per hour. It might be hard to afford the price. However, you can get a student discount through some web sites. So, before making any reservation, I recommend taking a closer look. These days, ‘pre-reserve’ is becoming available on some personal color diagnosis sites. After a simple sign-in, you can reserve online. The Gachon Herald reporters, chose 5:1 diagnosis through 'colors' and after our student discount, we could experience it just for 37,500 won per person.
  Before diagnosis, you have to prepare something a few things. First, you have to go there without make-up. And of course, beauty contact lenses are not allowed. Also, because you want to get the most accurate diagnosis, it is best to go with un-dyed hair so your appearance is as natural as possible. Finally, you should go with accessories (necklace, earrings, and scarf)you’re your make-up products (foundation, shadow, lipstick). The experts will choose which suit you the best. So even if it may makes your bag heavy, I recommend that you bring them with you.

  4. Experience of 'Personal color'

  1) Introduction of 'Personal color'

  First, the experts teach the patients about personal color by explaining 'concept' and 'effect'. There are three ways of diagnosis. 'Base diagnosis', 'Color-type diagnosis' and 'Tone-diagnosis'. Firstly, 'Base diagnosis' differentiates between 'warm-tone' and 'cool-tone'. You can easily think of 'warm-tone' as yellow and 'cool-tone' as blue. Color-type diagnosis is divided into four seasons like I mentioned above.

  More specifically, spring is the color which represents flowers like azalea and cherry blossoms. Summer is gray, red-bean, and watered type of colors. Fall is the color of mountains and fields which are full of maples - also, brewed coffee. Winter is the color of sunny things. Dividing these 4 seasons into warm and cool tones; spring and fall are warm-tone and summer and winter are cool-tone. Lastly, tone-diagnosis is divided into bright-tone, light-tone, mute-tone, and dark-tone. Bright-tone is high-chroma color, light-tone is pastel-tone mixed with white color, mute-tone is middle-tone mixed with gray color, and dark-tone is deep feeling like dark-tone. A well known way of separating personal color is base-diagnosis but when it comes to choosing clothes, it is better to use tone-diagnosis. 

  2) Personal 'personal color' diagnosis

  First, the expert checks the base with warm-tone and cool-tone through the color of your skin, hair, and eyes. Then, the expert diagnoses your color-type by putting on various color of drape, which are divided into the four seasons. When experts apply the color that matches you, you can feel your lips bloom and your troubles disappear. Likewise, after getting divided into color-type, you get more specific tone-diagnosis with bright, light, mute, and dark-tone. It takes 20 minutes to diagnose, after diagnosis, the expert selects 3~4 colors that match you and explains precautions when applying your make-up.

  3) Color Advice
  After personal-color diagnosis, the expert gives you a color-card which illustrates the color information results from skin-diagnosis. Lastly, the expert ends up with satisfying your curiosity or differentiating which pouch or accessories match you.

  Before diagnosis, I wondered if it was worth the price. After diagnosis, however, I am able to carefully choose the right color for me. As a result, I quit impulse purchasing. Also, I lost my greed for color or make-up which doesn't match me. Now I adorn myself with the method that matches me. People look different with the style. Each look has different styles that match with different people. Even actresses on the screen look beautiful, but the cosmetics they use may not look good on me. It is most important to find your own color. If you have not yet found your best image I hope you go and experience this diagnosis so you can enjoy your 20's more.

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