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What makes you calm?
Park Mi-Jung  |  xxxmi1202@daum.net
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 Nowadays we are very busy everyday and it is hard to have time to be sensitive, but every person has his or her own thing that makes them feel a lump in their throat. That thing can be an object, a person, or time. This Gachon Herald No.131 Campus Talk title is, “What makes you calm?”. Let’s look at some things that move Gachon students’ hearts.

Lee Cheol Sun (Software major, ‘16)

I feel calm when I listen to music. I can make up my mind. Also, when I read song lyrics, I sometimes empathize with them when they make me look back on my past. Reminiscences of the past make me feel calm.



Kim Hyun Woo (Chemistry and Biological Engineering, ‘11)

Taking the bus on a sunny day makes me feel good. I like looking out of the window of the bus, and it allows me to think deeply.


Han Yu Jin (Energy IT major, ‘16)

I feel emotional and calm when I read the diary I wrote when I was child. Looking at the messy writing in the diary reminds me of myself at that time. Since that time, I feel satisfied when I use all of the notes. Also, I’m interested in writing about my daily life. Although I wrote in my diary with a simple reason, it represents the memories.


Kim Do Gyeom (Civil and Environmental Engineering, ‘16)

At 3 a.m., I feel calm. At that time, it becomes quiet so I can hear the sound of insects better. The sound enriches my imagination.




Cho Su In (Industrial administration Engineering, ‘12)

When I think about my mother, I feel calm. I live apart from my mother. I get emotional but also calm when I think about her.



Won Dongeun (Chemistry and Biological Engineering, ‘11)

Azalea gardens make me feel calm. During the first grade, the Azalea garden was where I ordered delivery food with friends. We talked about what was going on that day and how to live in the future. Although I’m busy right now, if I have time after graduation, the Azalea garden is a place where I want to go from time to time.


Lee Suk Gil (College of Liberal Studies, ‘16)

I feel good when I read books. It heals my mind. When I read, I feel like the characters console me. Books also ease my stress.



Kim Min Cheol (Business administration track, ‘16)

What makes me feel calm is a train. When I was seven years old, I got on a train and travelled with my dad. I loved it and that comes to my mind when I see a train.


  I investigated what makes Gachon students feel calm. A mother, a song, and books; everyone has something that make their mind feel calm. That something is different in everyone’s heart, but it has a meaning that they can sympathize with. Through this Campus Talk, I hope that Gachon students get consoled from the existence of this time.

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