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Sandong University
Kim Ji-Hong  |  rla421@naver.com
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 The age of China is coming. Its remarkable recent growth has placed it firmly at the center of the global economy. Alibaba and Xiaomi are typical Chinese global companies. So now many students want to go to China to study. I want to introduce a prestigious Chinese school with a 100-year history, called Sandong University. Since 2002, Sandong University has exchanged students from abroad with all its campuses: Sandong University, Sandong Weihai University and Sandong Science and Engineering University. Sandong University of Science and Engineering is located in Sandong province and Sandong Weihai University is located in Weihai province. Weihai province is famous for its beautiful coastline and landscape. The large and natural landscape of the areas where Sandong University is located in China reflects its large and leisurely view.
  Sandong University is a large national university with 15,000 students and three campuses. It was established as a national university in 1901. Since then it has been closed and reconstructed, and expanded in concert with China’s history of growth. The three campuses are; the original campus, which offers business administration, law, art, liberal art, etc., for a total of ten colleges; beautiful Sandong Weihai University which has a department for international languages including the Korean language; and Sandong Weihai University which has also developed programs for oceanography and pharmacology because of the nearby sea. Last, Sandong Science and Engineering campus focuses on science and engineering, and related research.
  In accordance with its long history and prestige, Sandong University has a great new building structures, and research facilities. You will find positive assessments of the school dormitory through its portal site. Sandong University’s dormitory facilities amount to a hotel. Many Chinese international students show repugnance for strong spices, but there are lots of Korean food restaurants at the Weihai campus.
  Sandong University exchanges five to ten students every year and allows for a cross registration system. Gachon University and Sandong University exchange students with its three campuses. Sandong University provides superior lectures and various extra-curricular activities. International students can enjoy extra-curricular activities. Already, there are lots of international students so it is easy to adapt to university life.
  Gachon University selects international students every semester through a document examination followed by an interview. You should submit a study plan and a transcript. If you want to go to China, you should prepare those documents. Also, you can have to apply for internationally authorized language test screening. In the case of China, you need an HSK license or complete a Chinese school lecture. On the other hand, short Chinese-language training can substitute for a liberal art lecture at Gachon University. It is a good way to fulfill the application qualification. In accordance with global flow, let’s enjoy the Gachon International Exchange Program. Gachon University supports lots of future global leaders.

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