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What's my own healthcare method in everyday life?
Park Yoon-Seh  |  angelmba@gmail.com
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  Many people have lots of interest in their health because they always want to improve their strength and change their bodies. It’s the same with Gachon University students. Some Gachon students might have their own way to improve their health through exercising or practicing each day, but there might also be some students who want to take care of their health but are confused and don't know how to do it. This Gachon Herald 129's title is, 'My own healthcare method in everyday life.' Let's see what Gachon students do for their health in their daily lives.

Lee Jeong Yeop (Tourism Management 16)

I always walk fast. Since I was a child, I have tried to make a habit of walking quickly because I heard that walking fast is good for your health. I think it's a good healthcare method since it's easy and I can do it wherever I am. As a result, I have lost some weight.


Kim Jeong Jae (Global Economic 16)

These days, it's really hard to go outside and exercise because of the vicious freezing cold weather. So I sometimes walk or jog from room to room using the long corridor in my house. I think it's good to do it when it comes across my mind.


Yang Jong Chan (Healthcare Management 12)

I'm not a vegetarian but I eat lot of vegetables. I heard that vegetables are very good for your body. I always try to eat vegetables together with meat when I eat meat.

Jang Woo Yeong (Electric Engineering 16) / Seo Kyung Bin (Chemical Biotechnology 16)

We enjoy exercising. We mainly play 'Squash'. It's a sport where you hit a ball against the wall and as it bounces back you hit it back again with a racket. We started playing squash because we have a busy school life. Squash provides effective exercise in a short time so it is appropriate for us.


Lee Hee Jae (Pre-Herb Medicine 16)

I climb a mountain near my house called, 'Dobongsan.' If I go hiking, not only am I exercising, but it fills my mind with freshness. Out of the bad city air, the fresh air of nature makes my mind and body refreshed and clear.



Park Sang Min (Science of Public 16)

I commute to school for four hours because I live in Incheon. While commuting to school by train, I try not to sit on seats but stand. This makes my legs strong and it's a good exercise to stretch my bent waist due to studying in a chair a lot.

Choi Yu Jin (Global Economic 16)

I wash my body frequently. I try to wash my hands with soap to maintain cleanliness at least five times a day. I take a shower everyday and take a bath often. When I am outside, I try to use the restroom many times to wash my hands.


Shin In Hye (Pre-Hurb Medicine 16)

I stretch a lot while watching TV. Normally, I stretch my arms and legs on both sides or turn my neck to make my body flexible. Also, when I watch dramas, I pay attention to my abdomen and waist health by using the hula-hoop.


Lee Seung Ho (Global Management 16)

For now, I try to drink as much water as I can. As everybody knows, drinking lots of water is good for your body and health. It sends out bodily waste and makes our concentration improve. There are also lots of other positive effects of drinking water. I drink at least seven glasses of water every day.


Jin Joo Young (European Language & Literature 16)

I don’t take the bus but instead walk the 2-3 bus station distance. In winter, it's very cold to do it but I do make an effort.


Shin Na Kyoung (Pre-Hurb Medicine 16)

I have breakfast every day because it's important to get nutrition fully before starting a whole day. In my opinion, having breakfast is very important in life. For me, it is my daily routine and a habit as well.


Park Geun Seo (Global Management 16)

I have practiced boxing since childhood. I'm not very good, but I practice boxing five times a week in a gymnasium. With sweating a lot and through fierce exercise, I improved my strength and it's still increasing.




Han Joon Hee (Tourism Management 15)

I take PT (Physical Training) four times a week. As a result, I improved my stamina and my body has gotten generally healthier.


  Through this topic, we can find out about fellow Gachon students individually, who have distinct healthcare methods. From the interviews about students' healthcare methods, walking related exercises was the favorite. Through stretching, drinking water, PT, boxing, squash, eating lot of vegetables, we could see many different kinds of methods. I hope Gachon University students will practice these useful methods in their daily lives and share them with their friends so they can enjoy a healthy college life.

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