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USA learns
Lee Ye-Jin  |  thakd1892@daum.net
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  When you visit an English website and everything is written in English, do you lose the motivation for studying English? Or were you ever bummed out when studying on a website and it asks you to pay a fee for admission? To students in this situation, I’ll introduce an interesting website called, 'USA learns!' This website was made by the U.S. government, and this website is credible. Let us find out how to use this website.
  First, you can sign up as a member by going onto their homepage and follow the simple instructions. I recommend that you sign up because you can follow your progress and accumulated points after logging in. Courses are divided into three parts and you can decide which course to take depending on your level. I recommend that if you want to study the basics, start with course 1. After entering the course, there is a Unit menu. There are many subjects. You can start from unit 1 or another unit. After selecting a unit, there is a <Lesson menu>. The <Unit menu> is about the overall subject, and the <Lesson menu> is the detailed topics of the course. The <Lesson menu> has several <Activity menus>, which have activities for each lesson.
  For example, course 1’s Lesson menu is divided into <Introduction & Vocabulary>, <Language Practice, Review and Quiz>, and so on. Out of these, let's find out about <Introduction & Vocabulary>. At first, you watch a video and check the script for this video. Then, you review the vocabulary and solve some problems connecting words and pictures. You can listen to the correct pronunciation, record your own pronunciation and check your errors. If you finish a lesson, you can go on to the next phase or choose whatever step that you want. You press the NEXT button and move onto the next <Activity lesson>. In course 1, you can study the basics and deficient parts. Course 2 and 3 are more intensive. These courses include <Life's skill> and <Comprehension> which you can use in practical life. The higher the step is, the more developed your skill is.
  When you study English, it's too hard to read the newspaper or magazines, and it's so boring. Besides, reading text is good for interpretation but it's not good for improving your speaking skills and fixing wrong pronunciation. It's important to improve speaking skills more than interpretation skills. Use USA learns! to improve your speaking skills. It has high quality data because it was made by the U.S. government. It has amazing effects if you use it well. Use this opportunity and become a master of English!

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